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Need reintro advice, please!


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Here is my planned menu for reintroduction.....does this look right?  Nay additions or changes??



Day 1 – Sugar (pg. 133/Whole 30)


1 - Veggie & egg scramble cooked with coconut oil topped with salsa & avocado, glass of apple juice


2 – Spinach salad with chicken, onion, zucchini, avocado and homemade cilantro-line dressing


3 -  Maple-glazed (OJ, maple syrup, ginger, garlic) Salmon, wilted spinach



Day 4 – Non-gluten grains 


1 – Breakfast burrito (egg, avocado, salsa, sugar-free bacon, corn tortilla)


2  - Chicken, veggie, brown rice bowl


3 – gluten-free pasta, sugar-free marinara, meatballs



Day 7 – Dairy 


1 – veggie omelet, small glass of milk


2 – zucchini topped with chicken, sugar-free marinara, cheese and avocado


3 – broiled tilapia parmesan  (parmesan, butter, homemade mayo, lemon juice, basil) with roasted veggies



Day 10 – Gluten-containing grains 


1 -  small blueberry muffin, veggie egg scramble


2 – spinach chicken salad with homemade line-cilantro dressing, wheat crackers


3 – hamburger on whole grain bun with veggies

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I merged your two topics asking the same question. Per the forum rules, we ask that you please not cross-post.

Overall, your plan looks fine. The blueberry muffin might contain a bunch of other off-plan things besides wheat (e.g., butter, sugar), so you might want to rethink that one.

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