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Planning Baby Shower


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Hi all!


I am new to the forum and new to the program but it has already changed my life and the way I look at cooking!!!


I am planning a baby shower for my sister's first pregnancy! We are doing an "Under the Sea/Nautical" theme and we are going to cook all of the food (lunchtime). We are thinking an assorted batch of sandwiches, a salad from a local Italian eatery, some fruit, deviled eggs, and individual bags of chips.


The baby shower was in the works before I knew I was going to start Whole30. I've been really public on social media about my journey (I'm on day 11) so now I am thinking it would be a great opportunity to make a dish or two that are Whole30 compliant, and mark it on the food label/tag!


Compliant tuna salad is an option, or maybe compliant protein salad. I'm looking for things that are fairly low maintenance.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?



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Instead of making sandwiches, why not put everything out separately with rolls ( for those who want an actual sandwich) as a make your own sandwich spread? You could include compliant items like meatballs, grilled/roasted chicken, protein salad, tuna salad, which someone on a whole30 could just have on a plate or over the salad. Also, make sure you have them put the dressing in the side if you are ordering the salad from somewhere so you can add a side container of compliant dressing, like the Whole30 Ranch, or a simple balsamic vinaigrette.

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