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Day 1 Tomorrow

Andrea McDaniel

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Hello all!

My name is Andrea, and I am a Registered Dietitian in the Omaha, NE area. I having been eating and recommending a paleo-like diet for a couple years now, but even though I know what's best, it's easy for the little extras to slip in there. My big things are going to be: stevia, alcohol (sometimes on weekends), and 'paleo flours' like almond flour and coconut flour. I also have a thing for bars, which has got to go, not just now, but long-term.

Being a dietitian and trainer, I am always the one providing the support and accountability, but I will humbly admit, I need accountability too :) I have 2 friends (one who is also a trainer) that I am working with, and I also look forward to the support from this forum.

Lastly, I will be turning the whole30 to whole40 as I will be doing it as part of a 40 days church fast.

Looking forward to the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits,


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