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Paleo/Primal to Whole30?


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I am not sure if this is the appropriate location for this question since I've already done a start-up post, but I'm wondering about those who have gone through the Whole30 after living a paleo/primal or mostly-paleo/primal lifestyle before. The timeline doesn't seem like it should apply if you've already kicked the addictions (sugar, wheat, etc.) that would cause most of the withdrawal symptoms associated with the first few days. Do you get to Tiger Blood faster? Or do those first few days just suck less? Corn and sugar had crept into my diet a little bit just prior to starting (but had already abstained for several days before day 1), and I was never terribly strict about dairy (tried not to eat it regularly but maybe 2-3 times a month), and had been drinking a pretty good bit of alcohol recently, so I can certainly see where strict adherence to the Whole30 principals for a full 30 days should prove advantageous, but I'm wondering if I should expect more modest improvements than someone who was eating a full-on "standard American diet" immediately prior to starting a challenge.   

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I was Primal for a good few years prior to Whole30 so the biggest changes for me were no dairy, no added sugar, and no alcohol.

I adhered completely to the no snacking rule, completely cut out nuts & dried fruits (which had a daily place mid morning in my preWhole30 life), and pretty much completely cut out fruit unless it was in a meal (apple in a salad, pineapple in a curry etc).

I didn't get carb flu or headaches in the first week, nor did I get that complete exhaustion that many suffer from, although my workouts did suffer for the first two weeks until I introduced a preWO meal for my early morning training sessions - I included a postWO right form the get-go. I'd have sold my soul to the Devil round about days 4&5 for the pleasure of a glass of cold milk (which I knew didn't agree with me...), but that passed very quickly and by day 10/12 I was feeling stable energy throughout the day (except in the gym!), I was sleeping more soundly, my moods swings were gone & I felt noticeably 'happy' - like a sense of euphoria.

Around the 18/20 day mark I felt the Tiger Blood.

I didn't stop at 30 days though, and still adhere to the Whole30 guidelines daily except for when I deem a situation 'special' enough, and interestingly after a recent two week vacation where I 'off roaded' with added sugar, dairy & alcohol (although still ate according to the template & still no snacking) I felt the withdrawal symptoms much more pronounced when I returned to Whole30 eating - although the Tiger Blood kicked back in again around day 14.

Hope this helps  :)

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