I am on the 16 day and still feeling tired :(


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I am in my 16 day and still feeling tired. I am sleeping 8.00 hours most of the days and working out less than I used to do.

Is it normal? Also every time when I eat sweet potatoes or potatoes even sometimes carrot cooking in the oven or boiled I feel bloated and stomach pain. do you think it is because those foods are not for me?


Thank you.

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It would help to see more of what you're eating, to see if anything jumps out regarding your lethargy.

Can you post the past 2-3 days worth of your typical food log, including portion sizes and water consumption? 

Regarding the stomach pain/bloating after eating the foods you mentioned, you might try removing those for a few days and see whether that brings you any relief.  Another thought - are you using the same cooking fat on all 3?  That might be a culprit also.

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