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Yikes, vacation.


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Going to San Francisco and cannot possibly see myself not having sour dough French bread. I am on day 21 now so I will be able to reintroduce, but many challenges ahead... Wedding the first week end in October, camping the second week then SF.

Any thoughts or suggestions to not sabotage my efforts?

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It can be hard to deal with these types of events.


Will you be completely done with reintroductions in time for the wedding? Or will you need to remain Whole30 compliant for it? If you need to be Whole30 for it, will they be serving a full sit down meal? If so, you'll have to find out what's being served and if there will be anything you can eat, and you may need to plan on eating beforehand, or bringing something you can eat afterwards.


Once you're done with reintroductions, it's a little easier. You'll know how you react to foods and if there are any you've decided to avoid at all costs. You can use the Guide to Nutritional Off Roading to help you decide what things are worth it to have. 


You may also want to read up on the Life After Your Whole30 section to get a better idea of what you want your diet to look like going forward (that's diet as in just generally things you eat, not diet as in a particular way to lose weight). 

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