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Time to do this.....


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This is my first time on the forum but my many attempts at the Whole 30 since May.  The farthest I have gone was over Day 20 but in the midst of that, we were moving, financials were challenging, etc.  For a stressful eater, stress doesn't help.  But here we are, my head is stuffy, my back hurts, my stomach is bloated, my skin itches, I feel fat, etc and something has to give.  I have found that preparation is everything when doing the Whole 30.  I have two kids and a husband, whom I want to eat more and better than I do.  I have to take the time, energy, preparation, etc to do this for myself.  But I need any encouragement, advice, etc for I can stay on track and truly keep this lifestyle.  For I have already done the re-introductions and I know that I need to give up grain, sugar, and dairy for good.  I want my life to revolve around the Whole 30 and eventually get my family on that path.

You are beautiful Whole 30er's and rare, you are doing amazing things for yourself.

Let's do this!

I am starting tomorrow yet again...... September 23rd


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