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Starting Day 4 and I'm SO FULL


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I am on Day 4 of my first Whole30 and so far I think I see the subtle characteristics described in the Timeline. I really have been doing good with cravings and meal planning, so I'm waiting for the "bad" side as the Timeline described... I really haven't gotten there yet.


The one thing I've noticed is that with day 3 yesterday and this morning when I eat my breakfast I get SO SO full. I am hungry when I eat and so I make eggs (3 fried in EVOO) and a veggie, today I switched and had leftover tuna/avocado salad on romaine hearts and by the time I get 1/2 way through I am starting to feel full but my fear is that by time I eat lunch I'll be ready to eat my arm off so I finish the entire plate and feel SO FULL, almost miserable for the next hour. Yesterday I did make it to lunch time and was fine, today I expect the same. But I don't feel good about this breakfast when I make myself miserable from it.


Any suggestions??

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Sometimes we need to take baby steps in the beginning.  I needed to do this too.

Make a full template meal like you have been doing.  

Eat what of it you can.  Then pack away the rest and finish it when you are genuinely hungry again.


Your body eventually will adjust and you will be able to eat more and more of your first meal.


I also find that eggs on their own won't keep me full until lunch.  I find it better to mix proteins.  So eggs + homemade broken up sausage+veg

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