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Starting September 21


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Which seems like an odd date, right ? A random Friday 3/4 of the way through the month ? But it just so happens that THAT is the date that works for me ... a date that is the beginning of 30 days when I don't have any trips, house guests, parties, etc. I know that EVENTUALLY I need to make this whole new way of healthy eating a part of my normal routine, and learn to work this - whatever I decide that "this" will be - into my lifestyle.

However, for a program as specific and restrictive as the Whole30 (don't yell at me for calling it restrictive ! Yes, there are literally THOUSANDS of food items I am allowed to eat, I fully acknowledge that ... but there are also thousands of new things on the "No, you can't" list that were okay before) I wanted to set myself up for success and pick a time that works for ME.

This coming weekend, and into Monday & Tuesday, it just so happens that I will be celebrating mine and a friend's birthdays, and we'll also have along for the fun another good friend who is seven months pregnant with her first child (so, as far as I am concerned, this is the last adult fun she's going to have for a looooong time) ... and the festivities will take place in San Francisco, then Napa, then back in San Francisco. There will be MUCH non-Whole30-approved items consumed in the next few days.

But come Wednesday, I'll be headed home ... Thursday will entail a return to normalcy and a shopping trip at Whole Foods, and on Friday the 21st I am all set to receive my first Whole30 Daily e-mail, and I will be off.

Anyone else who plans to start on that day, please chime in !! I would love to hear about other peoples' motivation and experiences here.


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