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What would you do? Start Date?


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Hi all, 

I just got my whole 30 book. I was excited to dive in and start tomorrow, but I just read the section about making sure you have plenty of time AFTER the whole 30 for the reintroductions.  Here's my dilemma:  In 32 days, I leave for a 4-day trip to Tequila, Mexico (we're going just to taste and drink tequila).  If I wait until after that trip, then I'll be doing it right through a Thanksgiving trip, and I feel pretty sure that I don't have that kind of willpower.    I really hate to wait until 2016 to start this.  


So would you A) Do 20 days of the whole 30 starting tomorrow, and then do 10 days of reintroduction before the trip?  or B) Start tomorrow anyway, do the best I can with the reintroduction in Mexico, and get back on it for 10 days afterwards?




Thank you for your advice!


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I'd do the full Whole30, enjoy your trip, come back and resume 100% Whole30 eating until you feel like you did on day 31, and then conduct your reintroductions at that point.

(Side note: I deleted your double-post in the Ladies section. As part of the forum rules, we ask that you please not cross-post.)

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