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DAY 1 - 26 OCT 2015

W30 1

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Missing diet coke :(

Tips on breaking this addiction ??


Drink lots of water. If you drink coffee or tea, those will prevent the caffeine withdrawal, although if you want to just power through and break your caffeine addiction too, just plan on having headaches for a few days. Not fun, but it is doable.


Focus mostly on plain water, but you can have sparkling water sometimes if you want something carbonated, just double check that you're not getting tonic water, which tends to be sweetened. For either plain or sparkling water, you can add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice (careful on the bottled citrus juices, they often contain sulfites, which would be off limits for Whole30). You can also have teas, and there are many flavors out there when you want something different. Just read your labels, some of them sneak soy or stevia in.

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