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PCOS and The Whole 30


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I am doing the whole 30 because I have PCOS and I'm hoping to level out my hormones by eating right. I just want to know if any of you out there have done the same thing. Did it help? How did you feel? Any tips or suggestions would be great! I'm on day 3 and it has been a little bit harder than I originally thought. I cut out Cokes 3 WEEKS ago because I knew that would be my biggest struggle...so I've already got past the headaches and whatnot (thank god! those were AWFUL) 


My PCOS symptoms are mainly acne, fatigue, and heavy/irregular periods. I have started back on birth control to try and level out the hormones but I know my diet was a problem. I've never really struggled with my weight so I didn't normally watch what I ate. 


SO...PCOS ladies...did the whole 30 help with any of these symptoms? 

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Hi I am just seeing this post! I too have PCOS. I started Whole 30 after New Years to get me back in check with eating after the holidays. I knew weight loss would come along with it so yes....it is a goal of mine...even though Whole30 does not advertise this as a weight loss program. I've struggled with weight my entire life.


I know it would help with hormones as well. I just had blood work done a month ago so I'm interested to see results in a few months after doing a couple rounds of Whole30. I have similar symptoms as you but I have to add facial hair. It's not terrible though. Actually my mom has worse facial hair than me and she doesn't have PCOS! I am on birth control as well and have been for about 3 years.


Anyway, how did you do on your round? I see this post is from October so I'd love to hear how you're doing!!

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