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Post Brain Surgery - Trying Again!


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I started my Whole30 this morning. 


I have a brain aneurysm and have had three surgeries to repair it. I had my final surgery last week and we now know my aneuerysm has shrunk by 80% and I have a good amount of brain healing from five strokes I had. 


I tried to complete a Whole30 through all of this, but was 1- Too tired, 2- Too emotional, 3- Too sick to really devote my time to it.


Now that I have my immediate health under control, here's to starting.


For breakfast today, I had sauteed sweet potato hashbrowns, asparagus, portabella mushrooms, with bacon and a crispy fried egg, all fried in ghee.


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Congratulations, what an amazing health milestone!


In order to make this as successful as possible, I encourage you to read the meal template linked below and fashion your meals to mirror the template.  You did good on veg it looks like but bacon is considered a fat/condiment on Whole 30 and one egg is not sufficient protein.  If you're going to do eggs as your sole source of protein, the general rule of thumb is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping. That's 3-4 for most people.  Some people find that eggs alone are less satiating than mixing a protein with eggs so keep that in mind!


Congrats on your good news and welcome!

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