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Post Whole 30 - Get back on track!


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Hey guys!

I haven't posted in a while as life has been hectic. 


I have been off the whole 30 for about 3 months ish now. 


My reintroduction was messed up do to a trip with my family at a cabin about a week after I completed my first Whole30. They said they would have compliant food.. but did not.. I came home CRAVING and feeling like I needed my green veggies!


So after the trip I quickly became compliant again cause it felt so much better on my tummy. I found I was no longer sensitive to gluten.. WHAAAAA?!?!? And other than that nothing too sensitive as far as stomach goes besides too much dairy. However, EVERYTHING is too sweet now. 


Month two I continued to eat mostly compliant. Only really adding rice and beans to help the budget out a little. 


Month three here we are... fallen off the band wagon. I am talking pizza, crackers, processed crap.. What the heck am I doing?


Last night was my breaking point.. I looked at the food we have been eating and it made my stomach churn thinking about what I had been putting into my body. I grabbed fresh broccoli and a huge pork roast and made a compliant dinner.. So simply but SO YUMMY. Feels nice to just... break out of that bad food.. again. :) 


I am not starting a Whole30 right now... it would be a failure with holidays coming up. But as long as we are at home we will eat compliant. When we eat out we can make a choice what we want to eat. 

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Hooray for you, MrsMarks!

I am on Day 4. It is "interesting" how happy and satisfied I feel with simple, nutritious, "real" and non-sweet food . . . and how easily I can forget that.

It is as if, when eating junk, I am blind to the land of health sitting right there before me. :-)

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