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  1. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    I know what you mean. I went to the grocery store so I could make my (adult) daughter a grilled cheese sandwich as she's not feeling well. I hadn't had lunch yet and just walking the aisles was . . . interesting. This is one of those "virtue is NOT really its own reward" days. I bought myself a steak to cook for dinner. AND an avocado.
  2. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    @Chik0929 That is all good news! Today, Day 5, is . . . not bad! I made some Dump Ranch and am looking forward to having that with a salad tonight. And my Amazon Prime Pantry order arrived with lots of fizzy water. I confess my thoughts turned to losing weight today, as in hoping I will lose weight this month. While I talk a good game about health benefits and NSVs, it looks like weighing less is really at the root of my motivation. @Elizabeth33 I'm glad you're feeling better. I'll chat with you sometime about your CPAP. Right now, I am in the middle of sleep study hell and hope that'll be resolved in the next two weeks.
  3. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    @Elizabeth33 Oh, Diet Coke —or Pepsi—Don’t even get me started! Yes, I’d love one! Dear Day 4: I am done with you!
  4. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Feeling less hungry is good!
  5. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    I would say you had a triumphant day! I hear you on the trips to the bathroom. But, I am drinking water. Disclosure: I did not drink water. Just didn't. Now, I do but only because I hooked myself up with a bluetooth water bottle that monitors how much I drink! Turns out I'm competitive and I want to meet that daily goal. If nothing else happens these 30 days, drinking water is going to help with a lot of things. This is Day 4 and I'm wondering if I'll wear out my George Forman grill . . . . When I start to think my meals might be becoming monotonous, I think of @kirkor and his Monomeal Mania Whole 30: 30 days of ground beef, zucchini and coconut oil, if I remember correctly. I'm grateful I wasn't in Hurricane Michael's path and that I can go to the store for fruit today.
  6. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    I feel for you. You're going through the Whole30 wringer! It's day 3? It feels like . . . day 60 . . . . It's a GOOD thing for time not to rush by, I guess, but the hours between Meal 2 and Meal 3 go so SLOWLY. All I can say on day 3 is that I'm definitely "in touch with my hunger." In spite of eating huge meals. I realize that I want to be able to sustain this structure of three meals AND eating vegetables with breakfast so that my energy is more balanced during the day. Hurricane Michael is passing us by and the light is a strange yellow. I survived a postseason loss by my baseball team without wine. That's all I've got.
  7. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Hello @Chik0929 and welcome! I had Grave's disease but my thyroid has been stable (with thyroid medication and smart doctors) for a long time. @Elizabeth33 you've really been through the wringer! I hope you can erase the memory of the failed veggie dish and that you get some resolution for your sinus issues. I'm dealing with sleep issues (long story) and "overslept" this morning so started off with my meal schedule out of whack. Fortunately I had last nights dinner leftovers (pork chops, sweet potato, spinach). And Hurricane Michael is on its way today (I'm in St Pete). I'm going to grill some frozen salmon filets as they are the most expensive thing in the freezer if the power goes off. I do realize that one of the main things I want to accomplish is to get my meals/hunger back on a three meals a day schedule. I'm currently experiencing the "eat a meal/feel satisfied/feel hungry one hour later" syndrome and I really want that to even out.
  8. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Hooray indeed! "One meal at a time . . . ." After breakfast I found myself thinking, one meal down, 89 to go . . . .
  9. ArtFossil

    Traveling to Seattle

    Google Whole30 + travel and you'll find a wealth of resources, including a Whole30 travel guide. Personally, I'd be relying heavily on packets and tins of tuna/chicken and olives, local WholeFoods and the understanding of my friends. :-)
  10. ArtFossil

    Meal plan with no oven

    I cook a LOT of my Whole30 meats/fish on the Forman grill. It's also great for grilled vegetables. And OP can steam veggies in the microwave, another oft-used appliance during Whole30.
  11. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Hello all! I too am starting Monday October 8 (that's tomorrow!). This will be my 3rd Whole 30. I'm struggling with GERD and need to heal my esophagus so I figured that this would be a good test to see if eliminating these common inflammatory foods will help with this. My last year of university teaching really took a toll on my overall health so I think doing this will also help me put the focus back on how food can support--and not hinder--my health and vitality. I'm also on a long, slow endeavor to lose weight and I know Whole30 might help with that. If it does, great. If not, I know I'll see other benefits. I won't be the one with the great new recipes. I'm a lazy cook on Whole30, relying on grilled meats and fish and egg dishes with spices and herbs, supplemented by roasted or steamed vegetables and fruit. But I am expert in making mayo (a necessity for me) and clarified butter/ghee (also a necessity; I prefer it on the buttery clarified side not the browned ghee side). I've already made my mayo and clarified butter today so I'm ready for tomorrow! I also have my compliant lemon juice, Dijon mustard and catsup on hand, as well as a selection of meat and fish and vegetables. My biggest caution, having done this before, it to make sure you do the "reading labels" part of the Whole30. Sugar is everywhere! And soy and wine and sulfites can sneak in as well. Good luck to everyone! Liz
  12. ArtFossil

    Mayo Question

    Some recipes use the whole egg and eliminate adding any water. How thick and yolky do you want it? Yolks only may taste more unctuous to you. The Food Lab finally changed their two minute mayo to one egg, no water, figuring egg whiles were mostly water and being unable to taste the difference. While I made mayo by hand back in the 70's, these days I only use a stick blender.
  13. ArtFossil

    JennieO turkey burgers

    It's not compliant. Because the sugars are under the "2% or less" category it looks like they don't have to appear in the nutritional information because 0 grams. But 2% or less is still too much for Whole30. That's why we focus on the ingredients list, not the nutrition label. Read the ingredients list on everything before you eat it. Sugars, especially, are everywhere.
  14. ArtFossil

    What to do with leftover cooked cod?

    Eat it for any meal! Leftovers are better than gold! I'd be eating that cod for Meal 1--it would never last until Meal 2. I'm not a fan of salads at Meal 2 but of course you can have it in a salad. I'd just add my leftover roasted veggies or other cooked vegetables and microwave for a bit, add a fat and--done.
  15. ArtFossil

    Eating enough - want to succeed this time

    @FitAndFabForeverhas great advice! Just one note: eggs alone are as many as you can hold in your hand (generally 3-4); other proteins are 1 to 2 palms. And the template is the minimum for an adult human. Veggies are 1-3 cups, I.e. FILL your plate. It is really important to eat breakfast within an hour of waking to regulate your hormones.. When people struggle on Whole30 they often aren't eating enough OR are eating too many nuts (hard to digest and a poorer fat source and should be limited to a closed handful--that's not very many!--no more than every other day or so) OR are snacking on fruit and/or nuts and/or nut butters.