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  1. ArtFossil

    Vegetable Broth as an ingredient in Tuna?

    Here's the tuna I eat. Started eating it during my Whole30 years ago and continued because it tastes terrific and there is more tuna and less liquid. I get mine in quantity at Amazon.
  2. ArtFossil

    It's Time To Slay The Sugar Dragon

    Breakfast is just Meal 1. There's no reason you have to go near an egg. Some of my favorite Meal 1s are tuna salad (with homemade mayo) or compliant hot dogs with lots of mustard and sauerkraut. Steamed frozen spinach supplements both. Plus, you have a potentially endless supply of leftovers from dinner . . . .
  3. ArtFossil

    Day 9 & feeling hopeless

    First of all, not everyone feels terrific while doing a Whole30! It does help to follow the recommendations and the meal template and make sure you are getting enough protein, veggies and fats. It also helps to make sure you salt your food as you are not getting added salt in processed food. And many people feel better with at least one serving of starch vegetables every day. Finally, drinking water--HALF your weight in ounces--is key, so just do it! Secondly, a Whole30 doesn't have to be expensive. Where I live, avocados, shrimp and (especially) compliant bacon are expensive so I would be limiting those foods (I never at bacon on my Whole30 because either couldn't find it or I couldn't afford it.). You can eat cheaply by roasting lots of vegetables (just olive oil, salt and pepper), eating things like grilled chicken breasts, and making your own mayonnaise and ghee (clarified butter). I roasted a lot of vegetables, made a lot of frittatas and tuna salad, and used my Forman grill almost every night and kept things very simple, with balsamic vinaigrette, dump ranch and a compliant curry sauce as my only dressings/sauces. I didn't make any "recipes;" I just made what I would already eat compliant. On a more philosophical note, Whole30 is an elimination diet. It is designed so that if you comply and you eliminate completely foods that are common sources of inflammation for 30 days and then systematically reintroduce these food groups (not repeating them) during your Reintroduction, you will have invaluable data. That is, you will know exactly how YOU respond to these foods so that you can make an informed and conscious choice whether to eat them going forward. If you want this information, you'll stick with it.
  4. ArtFossil

    When does this get easier?

    In a few days. It's also much easier if you make sure you are following the meal template and eating enough, drinking your water (half your weight), and salting your food (as you aren't eating processed food). It's only 30 days, plus your reintroduction. Remind yourself why you are doing this.
  5. ArtFossil

    Pancakes/Trail food

    You are an adult and you can do as you wish. But if you don't follow the rules, you are not doing a Whole30 and can't say that you are. Nor would you get the benefits. For those who do want to do a Whole30: you only have to follow the rules for 30 days (and then do an introduction.) It's not hard.
  6. ArtFossil

    foods in reintro??

    You can reintroduce in any order YOU choose. But, you give each group (or subgroup) its own day and then go back to Whole30 for at least 2 days (more if you have a reaction). And you can't repeat any reintroduced food until all your reintroductions are complete.
  7. ArtFossil

    KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand

    Your mayo (or dump ranch) will last MUCH longer than three days. I give mine two weeks, although really, they will last until the expiration date on your eggs. And in the unlikely event your mayo had gone off, you will know it. Don't make this harder than it is! I've never had to throw out mayo. It's ALWAYS gone before it even has a chance to go off.
  8. You are not eating enough. Protein is 1-2 PALMS, not 3 scallops. Vegetables should fill your plate, NOT be measured (not 1 cup, but half or 2/3 of your plate)! "Greens" amount to almost nothing. Add vegetables, and you will probably do better with at least one serving of starchy vegetables per day. Stop measuring and fill your plate. Follow the meal template!
  9. ArtFossil

    Can I have Recess sparkling water?

    It's simple really. When in doubt, leave it out! People, it's only 30 days!
  10. ArtFossil

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Follow the meal template! Aim for three meals and no snacks. You'll maximize your benefits, including regulating your hormones and becoming fat burning. Really, following the meal template is the key to getting the most our of your Whole 30.
  11. ArtFossil

    1 gram of sugar in coconut milk?

    You need to look at the INGREDIENTS list, NOT the nutrition label. The sugar on the nutrition label reflects the nutritional composition. (Fruits and vegetables have sugars). As long as the ingredients list doesn't have ADDED sugar (or other off plan ingredients) you're fine. Here's the nutrition information vs the ingredients list for Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, a brand I use.
  12. ArtFossil

    September 2, 2019, Do the Whole 30?

    Nothing to join. You just do! All the information you need for the program is linked on the home page. (I highly recommend that you save (and print out) all the downloads (shopping lists, additives, etc). You can find these downloads at Most important, from my personal point of view, are making sure you understand the rules, that you read EVERY label BEFORE you eat the food AND that you understand and follow the meal template. You can post here in the "Join the Whole30" to find out who else is doing one and also reply to others who are posting their intention to do a September Whole30. And you can post your daily logs in the "Your Whole30 Log" forum (it's in the Community section). You just do an initial post to set up your log and then reply to that each day with your food. Very helpful, as that makes it easy to tag a moderator for support and also it's very helpful to look at what others doing a Whole30 are eating. Since you have a group already, your group might want to do a group log in that "Your Whole30 Log" forum. Many people have found these group logs fun and helpful and have carried them on through reintroduction and beyond.
  13. ArtFossil

    Sodium SulFATES

    To add to the excellent advice of @Jihanna there is sauerkraut WITHOUT this ingredient (which can be added to food to affect the acitity and also the color). Why not buy that? (You can save this for after Whole30). For myself, if I were ever in doubt about an ingredient in a food during Whole30, I did not buy it/eat it.
  14. SchrodingersCat, I’m sorry you’ve had a bad few days. As @Tom Denham used to say, it’s reintroduction and afterwards that the real work begins. A Whole30 is easy. Food freedom, or what used to be called here, “riding your own bike,” is hard. But that’s what we have to master. (By the way, I encourage you to read as many of Tom’s posts as you can. He has a lot of insights to offer.) Speaking only for myself, I have had to couple the nutritional insights I gained through Whole30 with the ongoing work of addressing my psychological and emotional issues around food. ( @MeadowLily is someone else who has gone through this, and I encourage you to look at her posts.) In particular, the Whole30 focus on real food, intuitive eating, and eating three meals a day, with no snacks, and within an hour of waking has continued to serve me very well, together with the concept of MINDFUL eating. You have a lot of things going for you, not the least of which is your ability to cook nutritious and delicious meals. (Your meals have had me swooning). That’s definitely a strength. You may find, as @Jihanna has posted about, that alternating the structure of Whole30 with short resets (three days? a week? ten days? etc) might serve you well. For myself, having done a Whole30 (and two more as resets) I am presently engaged in a dual project of weight loss and addressing my eating from an emotional and psychological perspective. I know I have all the tools I need to achieve my goals, thanks to Whole30 but thanks also to my external resources. Whole30 has helped me to get back to my natural, intuitive way of eating, where no food is demonized. By the way, my adult daughter (with whom I live) also has vestibular migraines (vertigo) so striving to cook nutritious meals for her to support her work to improve her health helps keep me motivated to also to keep my nutrition at a high level and to continue to be mindful about the food we eat. You have the tools to work this out, and I encourage you to persevere.
  15. ArtFossil

    Compliant Packaged Deli Meats

    Hello Di. From my experience, I've never been able to find compliant + deli meat + budget-friendly. I did eat compliant hot dogs which I enjoyed. Otherwise, I just cooked my own meat, mostly chicken.