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  1. Here's the tuna I eat. Started eating it during my Whole30 years ago and continued because it tastes terrific and there is more tuna and less liquid. I get mine in quantity at Amazon.
  2. Breakfast is just Meal 1. There's no reason you have to go near an egg. Some of my favorite Meal 1s are tuna salad (with homemade mayo) or compliant hot dogs with lots of mustard and sauerkraut. Steamed frozen spinach supplements both. Plus, you have a potentially endless supply of leftovers from dinner . . . .
  3. First of all, not everyone feels terrific while doing a Whole30! It does help to follow the recommendations and the meal template and make sure you are getting enough protein, veggies and fats. It also helps to make sure you salt your food as you are not getting added salt in processed food. And many people feel better with at least one serving of starch vegetables every day. Finally, drinking water--HALF your weight in ounces--is key, so just do it! Secondly, a Whole30 doesn't have to be expensive. Where I live, avocados, shrimp and (especially) compliant bacon are expensive so I would b
  4. In a few days. It's also much easier if you make sure you are following the meal template and eating enough, drinking your water (half your weight), and salting your food (as you aren't eating processed food). It's only 30 days, plus your reintroduction. Remind yourself why you are doing this.
  5. You are an adult and you can do as you wish. But if you don't follow the rules, you are not doing a Whole30 and can't say that you are. Nor would you get the benefits. For those who do want to do a Whole30: you only have to follow the rules for 30 days (and then do an introduction.) It's not hard.
  6. You can reintroduce in any order YOU choose. But, you give each group (or subgroup) its own day and then go back to Whole30 for at least 2 days (more if you have a reaction). And you can't repeat any reintroduced food until all your reintroductions are complete.
  7. Your mayo (or dump ranch) will last MUCH longer than three days. I give mine two weeks, although really, they will last until the expiration date on your eggs. And in the unlikely event your mayo had gone off, you will know it. Don't make this harder than it is! I've never had to throw out mayo. It's ALWAYS gone before it even has a chance to go off.
  8. You are not eating enough. Protein is 1-2 PALMS, not 3 scallops. Vegetables should fill your plate, NOT be measured (not 1 cup, but half or 2/3 of your plate)! "Greens" amount to almost nothing. Add vegetables, and you will probably do better with at least one serving of starchy vegetables per day. Stop measuring and fill your plate. Follow the meal template!
  9. It's simple really. When in doubt, leave it out! People, it's only 30 days!
  10. Follow the meal template! Aim for three meals and no snacks. You'll maximize your benefits, including regulating your hormones and becoming fat burning. Really, following the meal template is the key to getting the most our of your Whole 30.
  11. Yes, you're right. I haven't had enough coffee as I should have said "contains sulphites" is OK or "naturally occurring sulphites". Although personally I've not seen your example on a balsamic vinegar label.
  12. If sulphites are NOT in the ingredients list you're good to go, even if the label says "contains sulphites". Personally, I can't imagine cooking and eating without balsamic vinegar! But there are many, many vinegars you can use.
  13. Make sure you're SALTING your food! It's instructive how much you may need to salt when you're not eating any processed food. Dont forget your water! 1/2 oz per pound of body weight.
  14. As part of a very slow roll introduction, I did corn separately, and also oatmeal on its own day. Still haven't gotten to rice. :-)
  15. Still no luck with uploading a photo. I get an error message, "Failed to set new photo."