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  1. ArtFossil

    Have anyone’s symptoms lasted a week or longer?

    Exposure to something in your environment? Might be time to get to a good dermatologist.
  2. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Last day! Ordered some new fountain pen ink as a belated birthday/last day present. My real present, a new iPad Pro arrives tomorrow. And my on-going present to myself is feeling great. x
  3. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Hooray! Day 28 is in the books. A splendid day, working on an online watercolor course using my iPad. I also won the (imaginary) healthy cart award at Publix picking up ingredients for this Ukrainian salmon soup. What a comfort to have this for dinner after I got back from the pool.
  4. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Day 25 is almost in the books! It's my birthday and I celebrated with hot dogs and sauerkraut for lunch with extra mustard . . . . (Must add mustard and vinegar to my five food groups.) Tonight is coconut curry chicken soup (transformation from Basque chicken). Just five more days!
  5. ArtFossil

    Need more fat options

    And dump ranch dressing!
  6. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Day 23! Having trouble finding things to whine about today, as I'm at the "OMG my body HAS changed" phase. Cleaned my house (condo) yesterday AND washed the slipcovers and the throws AND did 30 minutes of water jogging . . . all because I was excited about the Apple Special Event today. I ordered the new iPadPro and am so excited for its arrival--the day after my Whole 30 ends! Making clay pot Basque Chicken again to fight food boredom.
  7. ArtFossil

    Day 2

    Good for you for making it through the first day! You can have mashed potatoes! Just don't add any dairy and use clarified butter (ghee but no browned). Mashed cauliflower is also delicious.
  8. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Hello @wwtechgirl! Great to see you here! I hope things are going smoothly for you. I too think Zoe's grilled potato salad is a thing of beauty and it was so nice to eat something NOT COOKED BY ME. I've now completed 20 days. That means just 240 hours or 14,400 minutes to go! (Yes, I am now weary of my Whole30.) Warning: rant ahead. Whenever I read posts that say "I just finished my Whole30 and it was a breeze! I never felt hungry or deprived and I am now going to eat this way forever!" I want to throw something at my screen. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad they had a great experience but I certainly have days, and yesterday was one of them, when I am disgruntled and just want to be done. I pacified myself last night with a whole avocado and tomato drenched with the world's best balsamic vinegar and a grass-fed rib eye steak. Which leads me to: What I do when I hate being on a Whole30: 1. Direct my negative energy toward tasks I avoid. Yesterday, it was my filing. (I may be 100% digital but the world, sadly, is not.) 2. Remind myself that I can have three out of the five food groups: salt, fat and coffee. (Sugar and alcohol are the remaining two.) 3. Make clarified butter and dump ranch (see above; Fats R Us).
  9. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Day 19! Had my first not-cooked-by-me meal in 54 meals with Zoe's Kitchen takeout yesterday. (There isn't even a friggin' compliant rotisserie chicken within miles and miles of me.) Enjoyed it but they gave me Harissa Hummus instead of Harissa Sauce. Staying compliant. Drinking water. (Thank you, H20 Pal and my fancy bluetooth water bottle!) Walking or water jogging every day. Enjoying a late "fall." (Finally.) Temperature is 83 right now (Florida). LONGING for Day 31 . . . .
  10. ArtFossil

    Nutiva Vegan Organic Coconut Oil Butter Flavor

    Sadly, synthetic ingredients can't be in organic foods (unless labeled "100% organic) although they are not supported to exceed 5%. I really think one of the best benefits of doing a Whole30 is to get into the habit of reading labels. It's shocking what's lurking (especially sugar).
  11. ArtFossil

    Nutiva Vegan Organic Coconut Oil Butter Flavor

    Well, Wikipedia says: Personally, I'd stay away from butter flavor. Have you tried clarified butter, which is the same as ghee only you don't let it brown? It is easy to make and it tastes . . . like butter.
  12. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Day 15 is accomplished! Thank goodness. . . . My eyes were bigger than my Whole30 stomach at meal 3. Not only did my protein (grilled grass-fed ribeye) not fit on the plate but there were more vegetables as well (roasted sweet potato rounds).
  13. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Hooray! You’re here! And we’re on Day 13! I had some non template meals yesterday and today (but still compliant). All due to user error (poor planning). I even ate an Rx bar which I usually scorn. But I got back on the template track with dinner tonight after making 3 sheet pans of roasted vegetables.
  14. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    Clay pots were a staple of 80’s garage sales here in the states. I started cooking with one in the late 80’s when I was both working and going to school. My then husband could assemble dinner in the clay pot and watch sports on TV while it cooked. Think of it as a analogue slow cooker, LOL. The basic principle is you soak the pot in water for 20 minutes, add the ingredients then put in a COLD oven which you immediately turn up to temperature (usually 450 degrees). Most dishes take an hour to an hour and a half. Somehow, the clay pot can both steam and brown, so nothing has to be precooked (even rice cooks perfectly). Ignore those recipes that talk about gradually increasing the temperature. That's just a waste of time. Get the Romertopf kind and get the large size (think large roast chicken). At first, you may want to use parchment paper on the bottom to make cleanup easier. Eventually, the bottom will blacken with a wonderful patina and cleanup will be very fast. There are lots of cook books but start with Clay Cookery as it’ll give you the basics and lots of recipes you can modify to your taste. I like it for stews as well as roast chicken. Roasted Cornish game hens (just stuff the hens with celery, carrot and onion, add your spices and drizzle the tops with olive oil) are sublime. You can even make ratatouille in it with no pre-blanching or any of that stuff. This is a good basic article:
  15. ArtFossil

    Starting October 8th!

    It’s day 11! That means we October 8 folks are more than 1/3 done! I hit a bit of a wall this afternoon. Not a 20 foot brick wall—more like a stone wall on a ramble through the English countryside. But, I did some cooking that made me feel happy. Two days ago I made “Basque Chicken” in the clay pot. Ginormous chicken breasts with bones and skin, lots of mushrooms, bell peppers and onions, garlic and cayenne. I’d forgotten how the clay pot transforms chicken. It becomes so tender and flavorful, but with crisp skin. Tonight, I took the leftovers from that, plus more onions, peppers and mushrooms, plus leftover broccoli and spinach, plus leftover coconut milk and chicken broth and some Mae Ploy Thai Red Curry paste, and now I have delicious soup! Woman does not live by George Forman alone