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  1. ArtFossil

    Mayo Question

    Some recipes use the whole egg and eliminate adding any water. How thick and yolky do you want it? Yolks only may taste more unctuous to you. The Food Lab finally changed their two minute mayo to one egg, no water, figuring egg whiles were mostly water and being unable to taste the difference. While I made mayo by hand back in the 70's, these days I only use a stick blender.
  2. ArtFossil

    JennieO turkey burgers

    It's not compliant. Because the sugars are under the "2% or less" category it looks like they don't have to appear in the nutritional information because 0 grams. But 2% or less is still too much for Whole30. That's why we focus on the ingredients list, not the nutrition label. Read the ingredients list on everything before you eat it. Sugars, especially, are everywhere.
  3. ArtFossil

    What to do with leftover cooked cod?

    Eat it for any meal! Leftovers are better than gold! I'd be eating that cod for Meal 1--it would never last until Meal 2. I'm not a fan of salads at Meal 2 but of course you can have it in a salad. I'd just add my leftover roasted veggies or other cooked vegetables and microwave for a bit, add a fat and--done.
  4. ArtFossil

    Eating enough - want to succeed this time

    @FitAndFabForeverhas great advice! Just one note: eggs alone are as many as you can hold in your hand (generally 3-4); other proteins are 1 to 2 palms. And the template is the minimum for an adult human. Veggies are 1-3 cups, I.e. FILL your plate. It is really important to eat breakfast within an hour of waking to regulate your hormones.. When people struggle on Whole30 they often aren't eating enough OR are eating too many nuts (hard to digest and a poorer fat source and should be limited to a closed handful--that's not very many!--no more than every other day or so) OR are snacking on fruit and/or nuts and/or nut butters.
  5. ArtFossil

    Advice after Week 1

    Homemade mayo can be flavored however you like, can go into tuna salad, deviled eggs etc or become dump ranch dressing.
  6. ArtFossil

    Is Cauliflower Mash Good for You?

    The meal template is 1-3 cups--I.e. FILL your plate with vegetables. I don't know about you but I can't eat 3 cups of cauliflower. (Or spaghetti squash.) Try to eat a variety of veggies with your meals. It's pretty on the plate but also helps you get a variety of micronutrients and textures and flavors and also makes sure you're not just mindlessnessly eating one vegetable. If you're eating a variety of veggies then yes, bring on the squash and cauliflower!
  7. ArtFossil

    Start Date June 19th

    You got this! And sweet potatoes = bliss. Seriously. Just don't forget the fat. Ghee? Mayo? Whole30 life is good . . . The fats are your friend--they will help keep you satisfied and help with your alertness and energy level.
  8. ArtFossil

    Start Date June 19th

    The recommendation for fruit is occasionally and as part of a meal (NOT as "dessert" and not as a snack). And fruit shouldn't crowd veggies off your plate. (Look at the meal template and eat 1-3 cups of veggies at each meal. FIll your plate.) Most people eat a serving of starchy carbs like potatoes a day. Others need more. Whats wrong with shredding them? Bake, mash, roast, make potato salad--just no deep fried French fries. The meal template is here. Whole30 is not low-carb. And it isn't a weight loss plan. It's an elimination diet so you can find out how the eliminated foods affect you and it's also a way to reset your relationship with food and balance your hormones.
  9. ArtFossil

    5/7 Start - Reintroduction!

    @Susabella627 I too like rules and structure. I just prefer to design my own, with the goal (a slow process and not complete) of having that be the everyday condition of things so that there's no need for a 30 day reset. The reset is always the next meal. For things like meal timing and a template and reading labels and the reintroductions and a bunch of other thing--yeah, that only took one Whole30. But I also understand that some people choose to do multiple ones and think you expressed that very well. Heck, @kirkor does them for fun!
  10. ArtFossil

    5/7 Start - Reintroduction!

    @emilyelowe, @MeadowLily has been around and has a wealth of wisdom. I agree with her that you only need 30 days of a compliant Whole30 and a systematic reintroduction. (Things are different of course if someone has a lot of medical issues as they may need more than 30 days.) The reintroduction (after the 30 days) is really the most important part and I don't understand why so many people are reluctant to give it the attention it needs. As @kirkor says, reintroductions are where the deep learning occurs. I also don't understand those who come back for multiple Whole30's.* Many seem to yo-yo between periods of what they term "clean eating" and periods of the opposite and lose all their Whole30 gains because they can't manage without rigid rules. What is the point of five or six Whole30's? I don't believe on "clean eating." (What would be it's opposite? Dirty eating? ) and I don't believe in "good" or "bad" foods. I do understand that some foods are more nutritious and more nourishing on multiple levels than others. I do believe in getting off the dieting merry-go-round forever and I do believe in making the best nutritional choices I can and eating mindfully. That's where the reintroduction is so helpful. I don't believe in trying to use Whole30 as a weight-loss diet. That's not its purpose. Whole30 has helped me make permanent changes, for the better, in when and how and what I eat and has shown me how some common food choices affect me so I can nourish myself in a way that makes sense for me. It also finally got me to drink water! I'm still a work in progress. *in the interests of full disclosure I did do a second Whole30 this year after my hip replacement surgery as "things had changed."
  11. ArtFossil

    Start date June 1st

    For the 20 years or so I cooked family meals-- First, I had 2 years as a single parent. All bets were off and money was ridiculously tight and I kept things simple. If one is a single parent, one's expectations have to be reasonable. In marriage # 2 and years 6-20 when we were both working full time including, during kids' high school, my (intensive) classes on top of working) we kept things easy, used a Jennaire grill a LOT and my partner cooked simple clay-pot type meals on the weekends while he watched sports-on-TV. We had a rotation of easy meals and just repeated them often and saved more elaborate cooking for when we had guests. My partner had to step up and learn to cook and he also shared transporting children/doctor's appointments/shopping and cleaning.
  12. ArtFossil

    Homemade Ghee versus store bought

    Fair enough if you trust their clarification more than your own. I know my process and so I know I can trust it. As to being lazy, I've seen your meals and that is patently false.
  13. ArtFossil

    Homemade Ghee versus store bought

    Can't hold a candle to homemade with Kerry Gold butter.
  14. ArtFossil

    Start date June 1st

    I keep it really simple. I'm a good cook but cooking is not a priority in my lifestyle now. On my Whole30 my prep would be make mayo, make ghee if needed. Make a frittata and/or hard boil eggs (on their own, deviled or egg salad). Bake a package of paleo turkey "bacon" (15 min; no turning.) Roast a bunch of vegetables maybe. Cook some compliant hotdogs perhaps 1- to 1.5 hours tops and I can watch a TV episode while making the ghee. Proteins were grilled or baked or canned tuna (made into salad). I always made sure I cooked enough protein. for at least two meals. I used a lot of frozen vegetables (pre-chopped) and just microwaved with ghee or ate my greens with balsamic. I also bought precut broccoli, cauliflower or cauliflower rice and pre-peeled garlic. Sometimes I would go wild and turn my leftover baked chicken into a soup or curry. Sometimes I went even wilder and picked up a cooked chicken from Whole Foods (plain is compliant). $2 off on Tuesdays! i just mixed and matched proteins/fats/veggies. I am the master of the 30 minute dinner, including roasting sweet potato slices or making guacamole or turning mayo into tartar sauce when the spirit moves me. Easy-peasy! I simply did not cook complex meals or use complicated recipes. Dont get me wrong--I love food but I enjoy eating simply most of the time.
  15. ArtFossil

    Starting 5/14

    The recommendation is if you need snack make it a mini-meal of protein and fat and/or veggies. That protein (and nuts are a fat on Whole30, not a protein) will do you a lot more favors than the fruit and nuts. And also tweak the composition of your meal and make sure you're eating enough so you can go 4-5 hours. The goal is 3 meals, no snacks, adjusted for strenuous work, crazy schedules, medical conditions, breastfeeding, etc.