Starting Nov 20 solo...any joiners? :)


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Hey, I'll give it a go!  Our timezones might be totally opposite, though, so I'll try to avoid middle-of-the-night (for you) texts.


I just wrapped up 14 of "unofficial" Whole30 (call it a Whole14 if you like) but some upcoming travel has been cancelled so now I have no excuse to not give it my very best for a fully compliant Whole30.  I'm not even going to take my regular supplements because one of the ingredients in the coating is vegetable glycerin (a form of hidden sugar).  It also means no more sulfites ('bye, balsamic vinegar), no more Korean food products with labels I can't read (unless I translate the entire label) and no more SWYPO treats of any kind, even if the ingredients are compliant.  Bring on the template meals!  3 squares a day plus pre- and post-WO snacks!




-Lauren (GGG)


P.S. - You can check what I've been eating and how it's been going for the past 14 days in My Timeline Experience (or lack thereof) down in the Whole30 Log section in Community.  Remember, I have NOT been 100% compliant, but I try to always make a notation to that effect in my log.  Go-forward, I'm shooting for the stars!

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Golden graham, according to the Can I have? FAQ on this site, balsamic vinegar is OK if there are no added non-compliment ingredients. Melissa says that the naturally occurring sulfite so in balsamic are fine.

ArtFossil - I think you just made my day (even more than selling my baked goods at a charity auction for $500!).


I just double-checked the ingredients and sulfites are NOT listed.  There is just a warning that says "Contains: Sulfites."  Sounds like I am in the clear, as these are the naturally-occuring sulftes!  Yeesh, no wonder I couldn't find a bottle (in any language) without that aspect.  Hooray! (*goes to eat salad with vinegar*).


Just found the post you referenced:




-Lauren (GGG)

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