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Why not today? Starting Wednesday September 19th


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It's day 1 for me (isn't it always day 1 when it's today?) I'm not sure I'm excited, or nervous. I just feel ready. I started thinking about food and health and science years ago, when I first got suddenly and horribly sick with what was soon diagnosed as Crohn's Disease. It was pretty traumatic (started with a blood clot and pulmonary embolism, then fast weight loss) and stayed severe for a number of years. I was only 25 and I was on disability for 5+ years. I've had amazing medical care, but I've always been stupefied by the general unwillingess of the medical profession to talk about food, to acknowledge that what we eat has a role in how well (or not well) our bodies function. I found the Paleo Solution and Robb Wolf (sound like I found a religion when I say that) online a few months ago and started listening to the podcasts, bought that book and really got interested. I heard Dallas and Melissa on a podcast of his from a few years ago and so I bought their book. I read that in like 2 days, I was sooo excited about their ideas. And here I am, starting my own experiment.

When I was really sick with Crohns and my body was out of control, there were months and months where I couldn't eat and the only thing I could take in was liquid. And then years where a vegetable or fruit, anything with fiber (even all cooked to mush), was just too painful to even contemplate eating. While that was awful, the plus side was that for 6 years I had no alcohol whatsoever and for 8 not a single bit of dairy as I experimented with healing my body. And I did get better, and I really didn't find not eating entire food groups that difficult, as the benefits of not eating milk clearly outweighed their deliciousness. But, in the last few years I've been doing pretty darn good. And I started eating, everything. I feel like it's hard to resist any "treat" (from cheesecake to meatballs), because of all those years of restrictions. I've been lucky and not gained a lot of weight.

My goals:


Enjoy all the time I'll be preparing and making food (this will require a fair amount of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin)

Improve my sleep and energy

Enjoy thoughtfully caring for my body, put the time in that I deserve

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