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Starting today - 12/14/15!


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HI Everyone, My name is Joanna and I am just getting started with the Whole30 Plan today. I have been "prepping" for a few days and cut out dairy and grains a few days ago. The things I miss the most are the splash of milk in my tea in the morning and a piece of chocolate after dinner:(

Even though I feel "full" after eating my meals, I always feel like my mouth is watering or salivating. Is this normal?

Thanks for any and all support!



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Hi Joanna & welcome to Whole30


The watering/salivating mouth you describe after eating is probably the expectation of that chocolate you've been used to. You could try finishing off your meals with something pickled like sauerkraut or some pickled beets, or maybe try a mug of herbal tea or fruit infused water - or even just clean your teeth to signify to your brain that you're done eating for now - basically anything that will cleanse the pallet.

Hope this helps!  :) 


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