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ABC's of the Whole30


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I posted this as an encouragement to a newbie, bemoaning all he was going to have to give up.  If you're going to focus on what you're giving up, how about:




-Allergies (some?)








-Gastro problems




-Jerkiness (no really, the Whole30 can make you a nicer person when you're not hangry anymore!)

-Joint pain

-Knee pain (per above)


-Mental fogginess

-Moodiness/mood swings

-No energy





-Restless legs


-Tiredness (okay that's the same as fatigue - I just want the full alphabet!)

-Urinary infections

-Vague thoughts (yes, I'm reaching)


-Weight gain (unless you're underweight)

-X-mas weight gain

-Yeast infections

-Zinc deficiency (and any other dietary deficiencies, since you'll be eating so many nutrient-dense, whole foods)


Please add to the alphabet!




-Lauren (GGG)

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