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Day 6

Jim TI

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Today is the start of day 6 for me (and my wife has been on the Whole30 also!)

During the first few days I felt exhausted. But I was lucky enough to have another forum member (Quinn) help me figure out how to fuel for my exercise sessions, I now feel a lot better and I am not having any energy issues.

I started the Whole30 because I have had some really bad health issues the past few months. I have had a history of anxiety and panic attacks, allergies, and more recently I had to go to the ER a couple of times for stomach pain. I have been on Zantac since July 1st, when the pain started, and have been to the gastro doctor also. I did not get scoped ( not a fan of anesthesia if I really don't need it). All of my test results (blood, stool, CT scan) came back negative ,so the doctor said to wait and take Prilosec for a month. I din't want to take the Prilosec because I heard some bad things about it.

So instead I decided to actually research what might be going on inside of me. I hopefully have figured it out and my solutions are: The Whole30, less stress, more sleep, and keeping my mind busy with training for next seasons mountain bike races.

However, there is some good that came from the bad stomach problem. I need to be right around 145 lbs for bike racing. On July 1st I weighed 170. Because I had to eat more disciplined and stay away from foods that irritated my stomach, I now weigh 150.

Also, the other good thing is that if my stomach did not act up I would not have found Whole30, not have understood how my digestive system really works, and not have found this great community of people.

So thanks stomach.

Oh and one more thing, yesterday I noticed that I have a weird salty taste in my mouth and my throat. Could it be the increase in meat consumption? I was never a big meat eater before and now I am eating beef more than I ever have.

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Congrats on day 6 .And good luck on your whole30 I'm ending my 7ths day today. I don't have the answers to yoru question but I to am experiancing the same Salty taste in my mouth. It's werid!

Thanks Sara! And congrats to you for getting thru day 7! Yeah this salty taste thing is kind of annoying. Hoping it goes away soon! Just going to take this day by day!

Good luck to you too!

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