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Bonita Blog - My 2016 Whole 30+


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Hello hello! Getting a late start to this logging thing, but I hope to post at least once every couple of days, if not every day during my Whole 30. I am planning for a solid January Whole 30, but would like to extend it all the way to April when I'll be off to Paris for 10 days! When I get back, I'd love to hop back on board and do another round until my 30th birthday in July, but we'll see how it goes. 


I made some personal rules for myself for this Whole30: 

  • Stick to the meal template as much as possible. Limit fruit, and don't snack unless absolutely necessary. (I'm already struggling with this one...see below...but I hope to get this on track as my schedule gets back to normal). 
  • Have dinner ready to go when I get home or go for a walk until boyfriend gets home from work. The time from when I arrive home from work until dinner is my weakness and prime binge time. I'm going to do everything I can to avoid it. 
  • Drink 80 oz water a day.
  • Walk 35,000 steps a week. 
  • Bring lunch to work every day, no going out. 
  • Celebrate and reward myself

On that last point, I outlined rewards I will give myself at the end of each week for being 100%. Nothing too extravagant, but a little gift to myself will be a nice motivator: 

  • Week 1: America's Test Kitchen Paleo cookbook
  • Week 2: mani pedi
  • Week 3: New water bottle 
  • Week 4: Massage (I have a gift certificate I've been meaning to use, so I will save it for this!)


Yesterday I persevered through a hangover of EPIC PROPORTIONS, to successfully complete my first day. I resisted the desire for all things carby and greasy and gatorade-y. Spent most of the day sipping water and sleeping. Only managed to get down a banana, a spoonful of almond butter, and then very late at night after my nausea was gone, I made a stir fry with spaghetti squash, red bell pepper, zucchini, chicken and coconut aminos. Obviously, not the ideal Whole 30 day, but I'm marking it a success. 


Today is off to a better start. I did have a slight headache getting up, but nothing can compare to yesterday's pain. 




Didn't wake up until 11:30 so brunch was a sweet potato hash with kale, onion and garlic and a compliant Italian chicken sausage mixed in, and topped with one fried egg. I had half an apple and a tbsp of almond butter on the side, 4 oz of fresh squeezed juice and a cup of tazo chai tea. 


Planning on having an early dinner rather than lunch and a small meal of the leftover stirfry later tonight. My schedule will be more on track tomorrow as I prepare for getting back to work after holiday break.


Here's to a successful day 2!


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Made it through day 2 and 3 without any major difficulty. Had a lot of trouble sleeping last night though, which is making the return to  work pretty miserable. I am not sure if I ever got into a deep sleep and had a lot of vivid dreams, none about food. I woke up very hungry and was a bit woozy in the shower before I could eat something. I've also developed a chemical-like taste in the back of my mouth, and a very heavy feeling at the top of my stomach after I eat. 


Breakfast this morning was a diced zucchini sauteed with Italian chicken sausage and a fried egg on top and a swig of OJ. I still wasn't feeling great after I ate, so I also had half a banana with a tbsp of almond butter.


Had the slow cooker going all weekend. Lunch will be jalapeno popper chili (minus the cheese in the recipe) over spaghetti squash and half an avocado. I have an apple for an emergency snack, but since I had the banana this morning, I am going to try to go without. Dinner will be turkey soup made with bone broth I boiled over the weekend filled with more zucchini, celery, carrots and red peppers. 


Almost to day 5! 

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Kill all the things came a day late for me. Woke up incredibly cranky, I was starting to scare myself. Thankfully today is a fairly quiet one at work so I can hide out a bit. 


Breakfast (wasn't very hungry): half a zucchini sauteed with an italian chicken sausage  - should have had more fat

Snack (hunger caught up to me around 10): banana and tazo chai tea

Lunch: taco salad with ground turkey, spinach, zucchini, salsa, and avocado

Dinner: coconut curry chicken with butternut squash and zucchini, maybe a half a mango with some coconut flakes for dessert

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Day 2 for me and cranky as well today. had a bad sleep and I struggled to eat breakfast, after 2 bites I felt I had had enough and was a bit queasy, had to take a break and try it later.

your dinner sounds really good, will try that one tomorrow.

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Good morning, good morning. Can't believe I'm to day 6 already! A whole week tomorrow! And by the end of the weekend it's a third of the way through!!


Went to bed early last night and still had trouble getting up on time, so it's a work from home day for me. Working from home is usually a challenge - too tempted by snacks, but I'll do my best to stay out of the kitchen except for the three main meals. From what I can tell, I'm in a better mood today, but it is early yet. I have been waking up not hungry at all. Not sure if I'm eating my dinners too late or what, I am breakfast's biggest fan, so this is unusual.


Breakfast: Zucchini sauteed with italian chicken sausage and fried egg

Lunch: left over curry from last night

Dinner: Taco zucchini boats (with guac, minus cheese)

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Did well yesterday, though didn't follow meal plan exactly as written. Ended up having three eggs scrambled with salsa and spinach for lunch, and the left over curry for dinner. 


Did not sleep a wink last night. I don't feel overly tired today, but it's so frustrating to feel wired at 4 am. 


Early morning snack:  banana with 1 tbsp almond butter

Breakfast: half a zucchini sauteed with italian chicken sausage, two hard boiled eggs

Lunch:  Ground turkey taco salad with spinach and baby kale, salsa and half an avocado

Dinner: Have a late meeting tonight, so not positive, but possibly more eggs and salsa.

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I slept last night! huzzah! And while it was a drag to get out of bed because it was dark and rainy, I felt completely awake!


Feel like I am coming down with a head cold, but hopefully it passes. I'll be going out to eat tonight for the first time during my W30. The menu has grilled meat skewers and some other grilled options that look safe. 


Breakfast: zucchini, italian chicken sausage, mango

Lunch: left over coconut chicken curry and baby carrots

Dinner: going out to eat 

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It's been a couple days, but I'm hanging in here. This head cold will NOT. LET. GO. I don't even feel that terrible, I just have a sniffly nose and brain fog like you wouldn't believe. The brain fog actually started day 1 or 2 and hasn't let up. I also am having waves of getting flush and hot, but I don't have a fever. 


I did a full day of meal prep on Sunday, in addition to deep cleaning my fridge and tossing out all the bad stuff I should have tossed out before beginning whole 30. It's so nice to have a sparkling, like-new, uncluttered fridge. 


The weekend was haphazard as I am still not able to drag myself out of bed until noon, and I refuse to use an alarm clock on weekends. So, here are my meals from yesterday and today:



Breakfast: Two slices of egg casserole, which was 10 eggs, 4 cups kale, 4 aidelle's chicken apple sausages, baked for 25 mins in a 9x13 pan. Plus two clementines and black tea. 


Lunch: Nom nom paleo's oven braised mexican beef, over a cup of cauliflower rice and 2 tbsp of guac and an apple.


Dinner: Had a late meeting, so two hard boiled eggs, handful of almonds, 20 baby carrots and a pear. Had a small bite of braised beef when I got home. 



Breakfast: egg bake, a clementine, a spoonful of cashew butter and tea. I think I should have added more veggies to this. Will do that tomorrow. 


Lunch: Brraised beef over cauli rice and guac. Also had the last of my apples. Will not be buying anymore as I know I am eating too many.


Dinner: Slow cooker butter chicken, and more cauli rice. 

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Haven't been keeping up with this too well, but I've been trudging along with my W30! One bad bit of news...I found out I am most definitely sensitive to sulfites. I checked the label of the dried apricots I got, but it didn't even register in my brain that the preservative was a no no. I feel stupid. Had a handful and within minutes had upset stomach and extreme gas (sorry). I threw away the bag immediately. I can't believe I did this on day 22! Since I was planning on extending my W30 to at least 45 days anyway, I think I am just going to keep going and consider it a lesson learned. 


Overall I've been feeling pretty great. Still haven't worked up to a regular exercise schedule, and it is hard to get out of bed some mornings, but once I'm up, I'm completely alert.


We're in for a big snowy weekend here on the east coast, so I'll be making some ground-turkey chili and snuggling up with some netflix.



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