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Need lower thyroid meds?

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I'm on day 12 of Whole30, doing great, lost 7 pounds (need to lose 20 more). My question is:

Has anyone heard of needing to change your thyroid med Rx while doing a Whole30?

My thyroid is underactive and I take 50 mcg of levoxyl and 25 mcg of cytomel every morning. Today I started to feel, occasionally a little speedy and strange, then it goes away. At times I felt my breath catch during one of these episodes and a feeling like I was going to make an involuntary movement or that I had to move or do something. I don't know whether it was a body or a brain feeling, it's weird. I have never had an overactive thyroid so I'm not sure what that is like but my first thought when it first happened was that my thyroid is too high.

This afternoon I've been feeling sleepier than I have been lately and yawning constantly. Maybe not related but thought I'd mention it.

I'm going to see if I can get a test tomorrow but I was wondering if this might be a topic that's been hit on before.

I'd be happy to hear what anyone thinks.

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