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  1. very unlikely that it's related to the weight loss or the Whole30. you're right about the posture using different muscles, etc. that can be a major contributor to some back soreness/pain. You're doing all the right things though! you've got a PT, chiro, massage therapist and a doc working with you. I don't think we can help more than they can! good luck!
  2. Renee Lee

    Not feeling well in the am

    Hi Andria, It's not super normal, no. It might be something unrelated to Whole30. We're still in the tail end of flu season, so maybe you're trying to fight something off? Other thoughts could be a physical manifestation of your brain being burned out on the whole process. This happens to me every now and then. I'm just so OVER planning and cooking and thinking about my food and what considerations I have to make for the rest of the day...I'm just mentally exhausted. could be something like that? Too many variables here to really put a finger on any one thing, but have some tea, maybe some compliant digestive support? Or just hang in there for 4 more days and start tinkering with reintro?
  3. Renee Lee

    High Cholesterol!!!

    I think you're on the right track. Thyroid's a great one to check, as is the addition of organ meats.
  4. Renee Lee

    Struggling with the morning routine

    A smoothie isn't a fail, it's just discouraged. In our experience, people that stick to their smoothies aren't as successful long term as those that give them up and try to rethink their food and fueling methods. I LOVE eggs, so I don't share your morning struggles, but there are still some good "grab and go" options that you're probably overlooking. If Tom's suggestion of leftovers doesn't work for you (this is really the easiest route), I've been a fan of "meat cookies," or previously cooked hamburger patties, to eat on the go. Grab that, some guacamole and a banana? Easy stuff to eat on the road. To be honest, the best change here would be to modify your routine so that you HAVE the extra time to sit down at the breakfast table with the fam and eat, but that's not always a reality for folks. If you've gotta eat on the road, you gotta eat on the road. Some chicken/tuna salads are a good option as well.
  5. Renee Lee

    High Cholesterol!!!

    The higher the HDL the better, in traditional circles as well. Don't worry about it. Your levels look good!
  6. Renee Lee

    Turned off from food

    Why don't you make some sushi, then? just make it riceless with some coconut aminos. You could also try loading up on starchy veggies.
  7. Renee Lee

    Loss of appetite on second Whole30?

    Carbs, most likely
  8. Renee Lee

    Loss of appetite on second Whole30?

    You could try eating a carb heavier eggs and sweet potatoes instead of a spinach/asparagus frittata. The extra carbs in the morning should perk up your appetite, since they don't stimulate the satiety hormone.
  9. You could also check in with Chris Kresser's Healthy Baby Code. He and his wife were struggling to conceive, so he dove into the fertility research about nutrients that could impact fertility. His daughter Sylvie just turned two, I believe. Anyway, Chris put his months of research into an learning resource called the healthy baby code. There was a good Q&A that Melissa and Dallas had on the 9Blog last year:
  10. Renee Lee

    Whole 30 Gout!

    Uberwiess, what day are you on? Gout's a metabolic issue, and its root cause is almost always too much fructose, rather than too much protein. Here are some good articles about gout and Paleo: It's definitely something that should resolve the longer you're eating a diet like Paleo that cuts out all the extra triggers and can fix the metabolic derangement. but that doesn't really help you if protein's triggering your attacks NOW. You can definitely do the Whole30 with lower protein intake, but you're going to have to tweak the template to make sure you're eating enough. A consultation with somebody on the Whole9 team might be worth looking into? Otherwise staying away from the VERY SUPER EXTREMELY HIGH purine-level proteins and sticking to the basics, with a heavy egg bias, should be a good starting point. I don't think you'll have to keep that up though.
  11. Renee Lee

    The crazy things people say

    Jesus Christ... Great job, btw!
  12. Renee Lee

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    Read: I don't want to pay for kale or spinach
  13. Renee Lee

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    How did you rig up the plexiglass covered bed? I'm in 5, so I'd love to get some fresh stuff in the winter, but I don't know how reasonable that is.
  14. Renee Lee

    Chipolte Peppers in Abdo Sauce??

    Yup! As long as it isn't an added ingredient, you're fine.