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  1. very unlikely that it's related to the weight loss or the Whole30. you're right about the posture using different muscles, etc. that can be a major contributor to some back soreness/pain. You're doing all the right things though! you've got a PT, chiro, massage therapist and a doc working with you. I don't think we can help more than they can! good luck!
  2. Renee Lee

    Not feeling well in the am

    Hi Andria, It's not super normal, no. It might be something unrelated to Whole30. We're still in the tail end of flu season, so maybe you're trying to fight something off? Other thoughts could be a physical manifestation of your brain being burned out on the whole process. This happens to me every now and then. I'm just so OVER planning and cooking and thinking about my food and what considerations I have to make for the rest of the day...I'm just mentally exhausted. could be something like that? Too many variables here to really put a finger on any one thing, but have some tea, maybe some compliant digestive support? Or just hang in there for 4 more days and start tinkering with reintro?
  3. I'm sorry you're struggling! People's tastebuds totally can get burnt out during a W30, and it is the worst feeling. Food should be _enjoyed_, not forced. Usually the cure for this is to find a new, exciting recipe to shake up the meals you're eating. I don't know what sounds great to you, but for me...a new pot roast or roast chicken recipe will get me any time. If it's not food boredom, and more so that you just don't enjoy most of the foods/veggies available to you, I'd recommend you rely on the ones that you enjoy and can eat without gagging...leave the rest behind. All you can eat it is chicken thighs and roast carrots...I'd eat that at every meal. Personally, i could never get sick of eggs, you can always do a billion different things with them, but i do remember being so tired of chicken that i wanted to throw it at the next person to serve me a chicken breast at dinner.
  4. Renee Lee

    where to go from here?

    Yeah, i don't think you need to cut back on food quantity, but you've gone far enough in your whole30 that you can probably trust your brain when it's telling you if you are or are not hungry. If you don't feel like eating the avocado, don't force yourself to eat the avocado. Cardio is more of a stressor to your body than strength training. if you're gaining around your midsection and you have some underlying cortisol stuff, cutting out a day of cardio and replacing it with something meditative and restorative like yoga will give you the best bang for your buck. good luck!
  5. Renee Lee

    where to go from here?

    Hi there, let me quote for you so others can see the question: So i think it could literally be any of the things that you mentioned. It sounds like you're eating plenty, but the fibromyalgia and the thyroid issues screams that there's underlying inflammation that your W30 didn't resolve. This is pretty typical for folks with diagnosed medical conditions tied to inflammation. Instinct says that you may not see progress for 45 or even 60 days...which is a crappy answer, but sometimes the reality. The fact that you're gaining around your midsection smells like a stress/cortisol thing, but it may not be. Couple of thoughts: 1) Consider pulling out eggs and nightshades for a week or two and see if that makes any difference in your pain. 2) Pull out one of your cardio days and replace it with either low intensity walking and/or yoga for a week or two. Other than those "quick fixes," I think there's enough extra stuff going on (thyroid supp, the fibro, etc) that it's not an easy answer
  6. Renee Lee

    What to eat on long bike rides

    Ruita, a lot of people use baby food pouches for some on-bike meals. Other things I know folks have done: mixing their own goos with mashed sweet taters, apples or bananas and some cinnamon.
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    huh, that's weird. how about this one?
  8. Renee Lee


    Hi Alison, unfortunately this is as far from a one size fits all answer as you can possibly get. The best answer I can give you is, "Maybe." Here's Whole9's article on the Health Equation. It's totally possible that you have a ton in your recovery tank to support your activity...but I know that 5 hours of cardio per week, plus lifting, would be way too much for me. Good luck!
  9. Renee Lee

    Half Marathon Soon, Low Energy

    frozen grapes or a banana mash are better choices than dates, if you're committed to having fruit instead of sweet potato. grapes and bananas are lower in fructose than most other fruits, so they're a much better choice for refueling during a long effort like a marathon. Additionally, the middle of a Whole30 is a really rough time for endurance runners. Please keep this in mind and don't use your results as a huge marker of training progress. You're totally messing with the fuel your body is used to on this Whole30, so it's very common for your legs to feel like lead, etc. Your body will get used it soon, just make sure you EAT and hang in there. Don't despair!
  10. Renee Lee

    A nice, organic CIGAR?? (**gasp** no he didn't!!!)

    My opinion here is that this doesn't make you healthier, but it may make your life otherwise enjoyable. Alcohol doesn't make us healthier either, but provided you don't imbibe during a W30, we support the occasional cocktail when desired. I'd keep away from the stogies until you're done with your last 7 days, then make the decision when the opportunity arises.
  11. Totally. I just wanted to make it clear for any newbies popping into this thread. For stress, try some yoga or meditation maybe? Really evaluate your life and figure out if there's anything causing you stress that you can dump. I had to draw a hard line in the sand at my office recently, because I couldn't handle the long hours plus the long commute. Obviously stuff like that isn't that simple for everybody, but something as simple as squeezing in a 30 min hike in the woods can do wonders
  12. just to be nitpick for all the newbies that are flooding the forums with the new year, truvia is NOT whole30 compliant. I know that you've said that you've been on this train for a while, but I just want to make sure that's clear. As for your continuing issues, i really think that stress is a big factor here. Stinks, since it's the hardest thing to fix...but it is what it is.
  13. Renee Lee

    Excess phlegm

    Like Amy said, not a typical reaction, but you may take a peek at the low-histamine shopping list. ( If you've been eating a lot of the foods that are greyed out on the shopping list, maybe try to replace them with something else? Just one thing that you can tinker with
  14. Renee Lee

    Early morning workouts

    Pre-workout meals are very very VERY individual. Though we recommend a mini-meal before a workout, if it doesn't work for you and your schedule, and you're performing fine, i don't think going without is going to derail your progress. Try the pre-workout meal a couple of tries; but drop it if you feel nauseous or if your performance suffers. Good luck!
  15. Any sort of leafy green can be rough on the digestive system. Humans don't have a ton of enzymes to break down that stuff. They aren't restricted, even on the IBD protocol because they ARE healthy, and most of the time cooking the veggies mitigates the issue. Some people are more broken & sensitive and they can't tolerate any, but because that's a smaller population, M&D didn't pull it out for everybody else, because it's still a healthy choice if you can tolerate it. If it's making you worse, obviously steer clear!