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  1. Clothes? I don't know if you're serious or if I want to know if you're serious
  2. Not sure why we haven't done this yet, but I just made your post a sticky. NO MORE DROPPING OFF THE FRONT PAGE!
  3. Lara Bars should be emergency food ONLY! The blueberry muffin bar actually isn't compliant because of the vanilla extract in it.
  4. Sharon, yes! Just try to avoid using it with high heat. If it's all you have handy, it's not going to be a huge thing...but it's a delicate oil and you shouldn't overheat it.
  5. whatever you do, don't reintroduce alcohol with a gluten containing beverage. (beer, many vodkas, rye whiskeys, etc) Cider is awesome
  6. There's probably a better forum to discuss the legitimate homeopathic applications for marijuana than this one... I don't mean that to sound harsh, but rather realistic. Most herbs/plants in nature have some sort of useful application...that's where most of the active ingredients in most of our drugs are derived from. We're not really qualified...nor is this forum really set up to talk about the majority of that stuff. It's pretty off topic within the constraints of the W30. In regards to your personal experiences and how other people say they use it for X and Y, I'll just say that people
  7. WRONG E! BANNED!!!!!!!!!!! The Irish boyfriend just translated that for me
  8. Depends on whether you're on a mac or a windows machine. Macs are Option + E + [whichever vowel you want to add the accent to]. On a windows machine it's Alt + 0233. Not a big deal though. Mox just might be SLIGHTLY detailed oriented, so she made sure to include it when she set up my account.
  9. I stickied your post, Robin. I think it's a good one
  10. I don't necessarily care where I go.... I just want to hire Johnny to cook for me
  11. Oh, additionally, have you read the book? The genius of the program/book is that it takes logic, applies the science and them considers their own clinical experiences. Yeah, it's not a RCT, but if it works for thousands of people? It's compelling information (even though it doesn't PROVE anything)
  12. There are actually empirical studies about gut flora changing a your diet changes. I'll try to hunt some down for you. Robb Wolf also has a bunch of data from his risk assessment work with the Reno fire department, but that hasn't been published yet. (it's probably in review) More important than the scientific research, is eating minimally processed, nutrient dense foods, rich in veggies and high quality protein, from local sources with ethical/responsible practices REALLY that drastic? So you've ditched sugar and grains and dairy...but there is not a single macro or micronutrient in thos
  13. jhmomi, I'm beginning to think that you're just making things up now! ...Let me check in with Matt again