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Sulphites in bottles (still) water


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I went to the gym yesterday and lost my breath and thought I was going to pass out. Staff handled me bottle of water which I drank immediately to avoid passing out. I didn't bother to look for an ingredient list because label said was 100% plain bottled mineral water (still not sparkling) and also I was light headed and scared. then I noticed after chugging half of it that it had a list of the minerals in it and one was sulfites!!! Wtf! I'm on day 10 and really can't start over because I am going away right after the 30 days and reintroduce. I feel like crying. I'm so frustrated and lost. I am extremely diligent about checking labels and in my 2 whole 30s have never slipped up once and I always always check double check and triple check but now I have failed. Please tell me what to do...

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