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Should have started this at day one!


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this is day 5 and because of severe crashing yesterday and today i need to record this here we go;

BF: two eggs, spinach mushrooms and homemade salsa, larabar, 1/8 avocado

LU: baked sweet potato, shrimp, cabbage and salsa, larabar, compliant kombucha 1/8 avocado

DI: half sweet potato, roasted brussels, half onion, grassfed beef burger patties (two small)

Work was hectic and I felt low energy, but I want to avoid the larabar emergency ever again and i need to avoid dried fruit in general. I have a nut "dragon" that sneaks up on me and today it def. did.

Walking today felt amazing, I will try to go back to some HIIT tomorrow but i know now I need to be more prepared for meals.

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I am glad you acknowledge the larabar issue...they are for emergencies only.

And 1/8 of an avocado, when you had little to no other fat, does not seem like enough and that may be what contributed to you feeling low energy.

Other than that, it looks good. You are making sure to include all three of the nutrients (protein, fat and veggies) in each meal. That is good. Just try adding a bit more fat (maybe a bit more protein) and see how you feel.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Carrie! i find the fat helps me feel less exhausted, i am going to work on more vegetables the next few days!

BF: 3 scrambled eggs with EVOO, 2 strips bacon (no sugar, compliant!), 1 cup brussel sprouts half cup sweet potatoes roasted, plain coffee

Lu: 1/2 cocnut milk and 1/2 avocado blended with a small half of honeydew melon and 1/4 raspberries. one grassfed burger patty with cherry tomatoes

DI: not sure yet, have a small party i have to work at tonight so I roasting veggies for when i get home later, roasted cauliflower, cabbage and greens after i run to the store.

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Got off track with logging:

Day 12 now

Feeling the boundless energy. My pants are HUGE on me. I spent the day trying on old clothes I bought almost two years ago that didnt even fit me then now they fit me!

B: black coffee, acorn squash "porridge" with coconut butter and a piece of bacon

L: swiss chard, pancetta, 2 fried eggs, half avocado, acorn squash puree

D: pork burger, 1/4 of an apple, 1/2 avocado, 1 plantain fried in coconut oil, 2 cups of brussels sprouts.

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Day 14

B: leftovers half sweet potato, broccoli, two scrambled eggs, quarter avo

L: was not prepared for the onslaught at work not well planned, pieces of flank steak, quarter avo, some cashews and dried cherries

D; totallly starving -- two sausages, a ton of kale and half a squash

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Horrible headaches last night, horrible. It could be a comination of things. We are experience our Indian Summer and the drasic changes could have effected my sinuses. I went to bed at 7:45.

This morning much better.

B: 3 eggs scrambled, steamed broccoli, steamed cauliflower 1/4 avocado

L1: a cup of roasted brussels and half avocado

L2: sweet potatoes roasted and a patty of ground pork (these two meals were 15 minutes apart the potatoes were not done and I had to run an errand)

D: Will write later

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