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swollen tongue?

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I am starting the Whole 30 soon. Just finished the book, have an appointment with my doctor for a physical & bloodwork tomorrow & then starting either Friday, or using the weekend to prepare... haven't decided yet. I want to start ASAP but I also want to start smart. 

Anyway. I am wondering... weird question. I have always had a really FAT tongue. Even when I was super thin. It was always kind of a joke. Now after reading the book I realize how UNHEALTHY I have been my entire life. (SUPER SUPER sugar & carb addicted. Infact, some days that is ALL i eat... bagels, sandwhiches... bad...) I am curious to see if my fat tongue is a result of systemic inflammation! Not that I am really bothered by it.. not like I walk around self conscious about my tongue. LOL just a curiosity thing... Any one else notice a change? I am going to take a before and after pic of my body, face AND tongue. haha I'll let ya'll know! 

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