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Love for Whole 30-lisa


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I did a whole 75 last May.

I did a whole 30 before Christmas and am day 13 of my whole lifestyle because I will count by 30s but keep to whole living.

It has taken me this long to learn, understand and try new things.

My previous wholes were very successful yet this time I am learning me and new foods.

I don't know why I hesitated trying Mayo and salad dressing and anything new but I finally have and opened new doors to eating for myself. I don't know if I'm stubborn or lazy but glad I got over it!!!

So.....this morning and yesterday I made what in craved for breakfast- a huge salad with spinach as the lettuce and cabbage and carrots etc...sooo what I wanted with Italian vinegarette dressing.

I am wondering if it would be wrong to exclude meat from breakfast as I'm quite satisfied ???

I have noticed that my need for carbs through sweet potato has diminished and is it OK to quit carbs? As I say that I realise the sweet potato had vitamins and nutrients that are good for me :)

MY BIG learning is this : I Google vegetables and their health benefits now to try to encorporate the best that are loaded with vitamins in my diet because I want my body to thrive!!!! I am very excited by this new thinking that came naturally after this many days on the whole 30!!!!!

I no longer feel desperate for food. I don't feel its my crutch emotionally. I feel happy and excited to make it now to fuel me!!!!! Anyone who has an emotional dependency on food will appreciate that line. I feel like I was running and hit a wall many times and have now run through the pain!

I guess I learn the hard way. That ok as long as I learn.

Something that really helped me was that both my adult daughters started a whole 30 with me this time. I NEVER asked them to!

I found myself giving them advice to make sure they were hitting good vitamin intake for health and energy and therefore watching mine more. The results on them after only 13 days...I can see it on both of them- more energy, better moods, clear skin, and def weight loss. Its sooo exciting and they both feel good!!!!


I need a 3 rd whole 30 book because in keep giving mine away : D

I hope someone can answer my questions. Thanks for reading !

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Hi, Lisa!


So you want to not have meat at breakfast, and quit carbs, if I'm reading this right.


To occasionally have a meatless meal may or may not affect you. Certainly, it's something you can play around with. Definitely pay attention to how you're feeling. There may be some obvious reactions, like not being able to go 4-5 hours between meals. There may be something more subtle, like after a few days of it, you're just not feeling as great -- maybe tired, low energy, needing to snack, hungry all the time. If you start noticing anything like that, or anything else you can't quite explain, then try adding back in meat or eggs or fish back to your breakfast.


For the carbs, some people find they don't need any, some need a few, some need a lot. What I'd suggest, though, is just eat whatever vegetables you want. If you want a sweet potato, have one. If you want leafy greens, have those. Don't necessarily state to yourself, I'm cutting out all carbs -- then you might stubbornly cling to that, even if you're not feeling as great and might benefit from having some.


If you don't already, start keeping a food log (not like a calorie tracker, just a list of what you're eating), and in addition to recording what you're eating, record how you're feeling -- tired or energetic, happy or sad, easy to anger or calm -- that kind of stuff. Then if you notice that for several days, you've recorded the same feeling, you can look at how you've been eating, and either continue that if it's a feeling you want to continue, or change something if it's a feeling you want to avoid. Obviously, other things play into our emotions besides food, but food can make a huge difference.

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