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Day 1 (Again...)


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Today is day 1 of my whole30. I started last Tuesday and ended up cheating over the weekend. I'm ready to do this 110% and make no excuses. 30 days is really not long at all! I know I can do this :)

A few things I will do to aid in my success:

1. I will be posting my meals in "Your Whole30 Log" each day for accountability.

2. I will mark a big red X on my calendar for each day that passes.

3. I will do my best to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

4. I made a list of reasons to stick with the whole30 & not give up. When I feel weak or tempted I will review this list!

5. I'm also looking forward to the benefits of completing a whole30. Like more energy, clear mind & less migraines. And of course, weight loss is always a plus! :)

6. I will workout 3-5 times a week.

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I've done the Whole30 a few times, but there have been a few whole14's, whole7's and heck, even a few whole1's. I congratulate you on trying to plan and track your meals, but be aware that while it is called a "challenge", it shouldn't consume your day.

Plan to make the process easier, but don't get so bogged down that it becomes a chore. If I do eat a "bad" item (which is now very rare), I don't reset my Whole30 back to day 1. I just accept what I did, enjoy the gastrointestinal entertainment, and get back to Whole9 eating.

Good luck on the Whole30. The mental and physical benefits it provides will have you completely sold.

Edit: This is a good read, for when you have the time. It's a article about how too much stress on focus on a goal can actually hinder your chances of reaching them. The longer you can maintain your Whole30 lifestyle, the less it feels like a "diet" and the easier it will be to maintain, thus becoming a lifestyle change.


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Weekends can be tricky, but are undoubtedly doable. It's all about advanced planning mixed with generous doses of willpower and want to!

Let us know how you make things work for you this weekend!

Hi Jeanye! Just checking back in, this past weekend went great. No cheats, today is day 9 for me :)
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