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Day 21 and I am so thrilled


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A multitude of NSV's and a quasi SV (but I haven't weighed myself)!


I started eating Paleo this past summer. The biggest benefits that I saw were a massive reduction in my chronically-recurring UTI's and elimination of my achy ankle joints in the morning. I assume this was from the addition of healthy fats in my diet. I knew I was onto something truly healthful because of this, but despite cooking paleo at home, I still ate SAD when out of the house (which is often). As a result, I continued to gain weight and feel crappy (I have about 50lbs to lose). I also had failed to tackled the emotional/boredom eating that I know is a big problem for me. I've been working my way slowly out of adrenal fatigue for the last few years, and the science here sounded like it would help. I was so low energy that I didn't have enough to put into my job AND workout...even if that mean getting to yoga just a couple times a week. I finally felt emotionally ready to start a Whole30, and jumped in on Jan 4th. 


So, today is Day 21, and I am so happy! NSV's:

  • I am in shock and awe that I have not put sugar in my body for 21 days. I've proved that I am capable of changing. 
  • No 3PM mid-afternoon slumps and sugar cravings.
  • I'm finding it EASIER to get a healthful dinner in. Well Fed Hotplates and a few quick and easy nomnompaleo recipes have made it so I have a healthy template meal ready to eat 15 min after I walk in the door! (I have a 1 hour commute and by the time I get home I'm usually so starved that I just eat WHATEVER, or I stop somewhere along to way to grab WHATEVER).
  • Oh and that commute - its not so bad because my hunger signals aren't nearly as urgent as they were before.
  • I'm not falling into bed at 9PM exhausted. In fact, I get home and think "what will I do tonight!"
  • I have enough energy to start working exercise back into my life! I went for a lovely 2 hour walk with my dogs yesterday.
  • Today, I'm doing a belly dancing workshop. NSV = increased comfort and confidence. 
  • Pimples? Gone. 
  • I made it through a week of business travel. Packed my suitcase full of ghee, yams, almond butter, tinned salmon and tuna, a thermos full of hard boiled eggs, and another full of paleo ranch dressing. Planned carefully at restaurants. We were on the east coast, and our CEO was buying meals so I had the luxury of eating steak or lobster most nights out. Ordered with baked potato or just steamed veggies. Delicious. :-)
  • I followed that week of travel with a trip home to Newfoundland. Did NOT go to my favourite place for fish and chips, did not dive into the baked goodies on the table in front of me at my cousins house FOR THREE HOURS, and DID NOT FEEL ANXIOUS about it. This is HUGE!!!

Ok and my slightly scale-related victory: I am wearing my engagement ring for the first time in over a year. I could jam it on before but my finger would turn purple. I stopped wearing it when it got so tight my finger couldn't breathe under it and I would break out in excema. I've worn it for the last 3 days with no problem and I feel so proud because I love my engagement ring, and the man who gave it to me so darned much! 


I guess the last thing is my husband is starting to get on board. He eats what I cook, but since I am only home for dinner, and he works from home, he is on his own 2 out of 3 meals a day. He had to go on blood pressure meds in December (its hereditary in his family, but he thinks if he dropped some weight it might make a big difference). He's only got an extra 15-20 lbs on, but decided that he would eat dinner with me and do Isagenix shakes his other meals. I've told him that knowing what I know now I would never touch that stuff again with a 10-ft pole, but he went for it. Weight isn't shifting and he's still eating other stuff because he's not satiated and the sugar dragon is alive and well. His next move he figured was to fast. But he's seeing how Whole30 is working for me and how delicious our meals are and I think he's starting to get on board. I decided when I started to not preach to him and to just try to set an example and I think its working!


Ok ONE MORE THING. I look at my plate most days and realize "this is just how people are supposed to eat". So simple once you get rolling. 

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Great NSV's there & good to see your husband getting non board too - high blood pressure, elevated blod glucose levels, high cholesterol & excess weight often go hand in hand and can lead to Metabolic syndrome - particularly if he's carrying that extra weight around his middle.

Changing the way he eats will be a HUGE step in avoiding that kind of diagnosis.

Leading by example is SO much more effective than preaching - well done you  :)

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