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Do periods get back to normal?


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Hi there,


Through my searches, I've seen that cycle changes - even on birth control pills - is normal on the whole 30 but my question is, does it ever get back to normal? And how long does it take?


To give a little context, I just finished my 3rd whole 30 yesterday. During my whole 30, I experienced mid-cycle spotting (around when I would be ovulating, if I wasn't on the pill). I started cramping and spotting on Friday (so it's been 3 days now) and I'm not scheduled to get my period until Tuesday,


I've had on and off mid-cycle spotting for years now (even tried going off the pill and it still happened) but my period usually comes like clock-work being on the pill.


I'm wondering if my period will end up regulating if I continue to eat whole 30-ish going forward and approximately how many cycles it will take. Obviously one of the few unfortunate side effects of regulating your hormones.


I would love to hear others' experiences - especially those on the pill that have gone through this and (hopefully) come out the other side.  :)

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I don't have the answer for you,but I am hoping for some period regulation too. Since having my third child my periods have been HEAVY. They were always light before, even after my other two children. I was breastfeeding for 14 months and didn't have a period the entire time, but the last 15 months or so have been really crazy. I am hoping that the whole 30 might help bring it back to normal, but I have no idea if that is going to happen. I am not on any kind of hormonal birth control and I haven't been in years, so I know that isn't the cause.

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I am in a similar situation as you, sholmes. I just finished my Whole30 and my period came about 3 days early (I'm on birth control). It seems from other posts this part is common. However, I'm also significantly more crampy than I usually am - I generally don't suffer from a whole lot of PMS. I'd really like some information from others (and maybe a Mediator?) on PMS symptoms and regularity post-Whole30. I'm kind of encouraged that the Whole30 must have knocked my hormones around, hopefully in the right direction, but this cramping is NOT an improvement.  :(

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So I am now officially one cycle past my whole 30 and my eating has been more or less still the same (meaning, I haven't reintroduced anything back into my diet full-time). This time, my period came on time but it has been extremely light. I got it Monday evening and now (Wednesday) it is almost like it's on it's last day (which I'm not complaining about). Again, not sure if it is normal to have much lighter periods (whether you are on the pill or not) but that has been my experience. Also, next to no PMS symptoms - a little crampy but nothing major at all. Would love to hear from others as well if you are out there.   :)

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