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Day 5...need suggestions


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Today is Day 5 for me.  I'm struggling more than I thought I would.  I think I should be feeling better.  Today, like yesterday, I feel sluggish.  It's partially because I have cut down my caffeine.  I'm just exhausted.  I'm sleeping more than I used to, so sleep isn't the issue.


Everyone talks about waking up and feeling much clearer, but that hasn't happened to me yet.  People I work with are doing a sugar detox and they were surprised that I don't feel better.  The food isn't that far off from what I was already eating before I started Whole30.


Any suggestions?  I'm trying a little caffeine this morning, but know that probably won't get me through the day.


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Hi there BfloAmy & welcome to Whole30  :) 

Feeling sluggish can be due to a number of things:

Not eating enough fat

Propping up a Sugar Dragon with fruit/nuts/nut butters

Not eating enough in general

Not drinking enough water

Not salting food

Can you list what you have been eating/drinking (indicating portion sizes, along with sleep/stress activity levels) over the past few days so we can take a look and help you trouble shoot?

Bear in mind you're only on day 5 and it can take a while before you start feeling better, particularly if your meals aren't composed well.

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I've actually followed the First Week Meal Plan in the Whole30 book pretty strictly.  I haven't needed to really snack - but I occassionally have a piece of fruit (usually an apple) or cut up fresh veggies.


I've been drinking lots of water, and limiting my caffeine to either 1 or zero cups a day of coffee/tea.


I've been sleeping more than I was before, about 7-9 hours a night.  Previously, i would sleep about 6.5-7.5 hours.  Stress levels are normal.



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