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Sugar Addict? Is it possible to actually do this?


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What a great thread--I could have "liked" every single post here, and it was almost embarrassing to see how much I have denied what a problem this is for me as well. No moderation at all--one person said in another post, she can have a half-open bottle of wine on the counter for a week and not touch it, and yet scarf down every bit of sugar in the house. This is the same for me, dozens of frozen chocolate chip cookies, frozen slices of cake, etc. I could not wait to thaw out before I ate them, and lots of that kind of eating alone, not in front of others. There is alcoholism on both sides of my family and as a little girl we often ended the night eating a big bag of candy bars before bed while the adults had something to drink. I think it really must be the case that alcoholism is an extreme form of sugar addiction, but I don't have any problem calling sugar addictive or treating it as such. When I finish the W30, I don't see myself adding sugar back in any time soon, barring the slight amount of honey in my favorite boxed beef broth. As to starchy vegetables, at first they were more of an item on my plate, but now I just find them satisfying and a necessary source of calories and energy.

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