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Evening Workouts and Meals


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I work out in the evenings after work 5 days a week.  My work outs are typically 20-30 minute HIIT style work outs at home using my body weight and 8 lb dumbbells. Some work outs my heart rate is at the 150-175 range but some are lower, like 100-115. 


Question One:  On the days that I do a moderate work out, should I decrease my sweet potato intake?  I usually eat 1/3 to 1/2 cup.


Question Two, Part 1:  Dinner immediately follows my evening work outs, usually within 30-45 minutes - do I really need a post work out meal and then dinner? 


Question Two, Part 2:  Can I just beef up my dinner instead?



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You would do best to eat a couple bites of lean protein and starchy veggie immediately after your workout and then go shower, change into jammies and start dinner (or whatever your particular routine is).  The window for refeeding after a workout is quite short and the content of that "meal" is different from a regular meal in that there is no fat as this slows absorption.


As far as how much sweet potato to eat, you have to continually assess yourself.  How are your moods, your energy, your recovery, your sleep, your cravings etc.  Carbs in both high and low doses can affect these markers so it's up to your own experimentation to figure out what is the perfect formula for you.

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