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28 Days of Food on W30

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FoodLogReport 28 days W30.pdf

Summary Report 28 days of W30.pdf

For anyone who is interested, I diligently logged my food for 30 days using my BodyMedia unit and the two attachments (if this works) are a log of my food for each meal (my program has 6 slots for possible meal entry) and a summary of my activity, calories burned, steps and sleep.

The weight loss stats go back longer than the 30 days I did my W30.

Note: I did complete a W30 but my software for BodyMedia only allows me to do summary reports for 28 days max. I did start on the 25th of August but the reports run from day 3 - day 30 (August 27 - September 23, 2012).

Thought this may be helpful or interesting.



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