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  1. Canadians doing Whole30

    Hey all I finished my September W30 and I am relaxing a "bit" this week. We have family Thanksgiving on Sunday at my Sister's house. I will not try to be compliant on Thanksgiving but I will be mindful. I plan do do another W30 starting Monday (10th). This next part will be a little graphic so stop reading if you want. Before my September W30, I developed a bit of a distressing outcome from the "normal food diet" being that I routinely (anywhere from 2-10 times per day) would throw up a bit in my mouth after eating for quite some time after both lunch and dinner. The quality and nutritional value of the food was generally pretty low. Fortunately, this "food re-visiting" completely went away when I did my W30 in September (which ended last Thursday). However, there are signs that the "re-visiting" is returning after relaxing a bit this week. Seems to be triggered with dairy-based meals but not exclusively (sugar too). I will be monitoring this. No sense talking to my Doctor about this as he is generally nutritionally challenged. I think I may have to do some more personal research on this one. Thanks for listening! DJ
  2. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Congrats all for finishing strong... Enjoy the NSV and Scale wins too! With that said, I agree that re-introductions are key. Cheers and Good Job!!! DJ
  3. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Congrats all for finishing strong... Enjoy the NSV and Scale wins too! With that said, I agree that re-introductions are key. Cheers and Good Job!!! DJ
  4. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Congrats all for finishing strong... Enjoy the NSV and Scale wins too! With that said, I agree that re-introductions are key. Cheers and Good Job!!! DJ
  5. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Congrats all for finishing strong... Enjoy the NSV and Scale wins too! With that said, I agree that re-introductions are key. Cheers and Good Job!!! DJ
  6. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Hey team... Well I finished last Thursday (my w30) but I continued until the weekend. I did not want to deviate from this plan and do anything before I did my Crossfit challenge on Saturday. I completed and it was tough. The 4 workouts were pretty hard this year (compared to last year). I pushed myself very hard and had a good day but last night and today I am so very sore in just about every place on my body between my knees and my head. I came second in my group and really feel good about how hard I pushed. I know now that I was not training at full capacity compared to the challenges of yesterday. Lots to practice. We got some good prizes and "swag". The event had a "Paleo" food truck but it was not W30. There was some sugar in the sauces so I had plain chicken, sweet potato and grilled peppers. In terms of results for my W30, I lost only 4.5 lbs but I also was down 1.5 inches on my chest and waist. I lost 1 inch on my hips. Happy with the outcome. I am relaxing slightly this weekend and then back to W30 for another month or more. Cheers DJ
  7. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    That was weird... could not get the previous "Quote" deleted.... Ignore my previous post. Hey... I am doing well. Belt tighter, food on plan and staying the course. Just checking in but I am feeling good, doing well and have lots of obstacles this week (travel, offsite meeting, family events, X-Fit challenge) but I am very zen with it. I am in control and not worried in the slightest. Cooked a whole bunch of protein last night and prepping side veggies for the week tonight. Keep strong my W30 friends!!! Cheers DJ
  8. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Doing well here. I am on day 17 (started a week early). I am feeling better this week as a full weekend off from my training program is just what the doctor (OK my quads) ordered. Back at it hard Monday, Tuesday and today... I am going to experiment with post-WO meals again. When on W30, I do tend to develop a bit of a lamb craving. I really enjoy a good lamb chop (or 2 or 3) and I made lamb and butternut squash mash as a post-WO meal to try this week. Meals today were: M1 - 3 poached eggs, squash/lamb mash (did not get it in Post-WO so M1 veg) and a small banana M2 - W30 saussage, baked potato, sliced peppers and a small apple M3 - Grilled chicken with mustard and chili seasoning, potato home fries in Ghee and a greens salad Just got my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share today and I have a small bounty of veggies. Have lots of fresh garlic, kale, beets, fennel, leeks, potato, basil and tomato. It is an organic local farm and I enjoy getting and trying veggies that I would not ordinarily buy at the store. Keep up with the strong effort everyone! Cheers DJ
  9. Canadians doing Whole30

    Hey all I am from Kingston, Ontario. I am currently doing my 10th W30. We also have a couple of good farmers markets and a local butcher that sells local pasture-raised beef and pork, along with free-range chicken and eggs. My kids and my wife don't W30 but they are sympathetic. I have had fair success on this program and feel that W30 clearly has changed my life and my associations with food. Don't get me wrong... I fall of the wagon (hard) sometimes but W30 is a comfortable, soft landing spot when I need to kick start my nutrition. I have to admit that I don't spend too much time eating out as it is a bit of a bother (as you know). When i first started W30, we were not allowed to eat potato. Now that we are... the Steak and baked potato (have to check on butter not being added to both during cooking) suggestion is a good one plus "salads" but that can be tricky too. My first pot luck that I did was Rogan Josh (Well Fed) with cauliflower mash. It was a lot of work but it was likely the best meal that I have ever had. Well I suppose I should get back to work. Keep your stick on the ice!!! Cheers DJ
  10. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Hey all Favorite Recipe of all time (for taste) was the Rogan Josh from Well Fed. I made it with beef rather than Lamb but it was absolutely the best thing i have ever eaten made by me or anyone else. However... it took a lot of time and it also cost a few $$ to make (needed all kinds of new spices to make the curry base). I made it for a special occasion and it was well worth it but I have not made it since. My favorite every day recipe (go to on down days) is W30 Chili from ISWF. Simple, easy and good. My kids like my chili (without beans) way better than my Mother-in-laws (but don't tell her that). Some of my coworkers joke that it is not chili, just spaghetti sauce with different seasoning... but I like it. Eating on plan 100% today. Last night was the first night of the Scouts for my son. They had a family BBQ to kick off the session. I was the only one that did not eat out of the 45 people there (hot dogs and pasta salad). One of the many things I love about W30 is that it 100% (for me) keeps hunger at bay (especially in the evening). The control that you get allowed me to easily enjoy the event without thinking about food and then going home and making my own dinner (pork chop and salad) at 8:30 PM (about 2 hours later than normal) without having any real hunger or cravings. The control that W30 provides is invaluable to me!!! If I was eating "normal", i would have likely been hungry, eaten 3-4 hot dogs with buns and condiments, plus 1-2 sides of pasta salad. I would then have gone home and likely had a snack before bed (plus 4-5 Tums due to anti-acid and heartburn). Now we just need to get the mosquitoes on W30 cause they ate us alive for the last 15 minutes of the event. Sometimes we focus on what we give up or how "hard" the W30 program is but, for me anyways, when I step back and examine the real life changes that occur... it is amazing what this WOE provides for me. Last month, a healthy dose of "Tums" was a nightly ritual just to be able to get to sleep. I have not even thought about taking any tums (no need) since I started the W30 again (for my 10th round). As an aside... I am physically burnt out... beyond doing another W30 (I am on day 12 as i started a little early), I am also training pretty darn hard and I am feeling it today. I don't mind being sore every day (comes with the focus of fitness) but this week has been pushing it. I am taking both days off from training this weekend and I am looking forward to it. Part of the focus right now is because I am doing a novice masters CrossFit challenge on October 1, and I don't want to embarrass myself too much. It is a challenge supporting cervical cancer research (reminds me that my DOMS and tiredness is noting). Cheers DJ
  11. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    As noted a while ago... I have been doing this off and on for a while. More off lately than on. Meals today are: M1 - Three poached eggs, Potato scramble (coconut oil, baked potato, onion, ground lamb, chili seasoning heated in frying pan) and small banana M2 - Pork chop, Kale and Cabbage salad (EVOO, balsamic and Costco's Version of organic Ms Dash), apple M3 - Steak, Green Salad and potato scramble side Today started with a 55 minute X-Fit workout of stretching , C2 Rowing Sprints, Handstand progression, Hang Power Cleans and Standing Lunges. I have been told many times to try the Pre and post workout additions but I have tried them many times and really work better when I stick to 3 square meals. I do 5:30 AM workouts and cannot wake up and eat (even small meals) before my workout. Feeling really good today despite only getting 4.5 hours sleep last night!!! Cheers DJ
  12. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Hey all... Well I ended up starting on the 28th (I am starting day 9) ... could not wait until September 5th. I am doing well and both doing W30 and pushing myself with training for my second ever X-Fit competition. If you are all OK... I will be a member of the group and participate when I can but I will continue on the path but I will be a bit ahead of the rest in this group. I am doing my W30 at least until October 1st (the day of my challenge). Cheers DJ
  13. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Well... I too don't have any WholeFoods near me and I doubt that I could afford shopping there more than 2-3 times per year anyway (That is why they call it whole Pay-cheque). I am very lucky that there is a local butcher (right across from my wife's work) that has local, grass fed/free range animals, and free-range eggs. We often buy our lower quality meats (ground beef/stewing beef) there for chili, stews, etc. Otherwise, i do some of my shopping at Costco but most of it is simply at our local food store (No Frills or FreshCo). Like anyone else, I am diligent about reading labels and do my best with "good source" meats but I don't try for or expect perfection. I have no issues grabbing Canadian Beef, pork or chicken at a regular shopping store as Canadian rules on Hormone and Antibiotic use are different than south of the border (more protective). We have 3 local farmers markets that we frequent and (for the summer) I participate in a Community Assisted Agriculture (CSA) where I pay up front to a local organic farmer at the start of the season and then they provide me fresh veggies every second week (and sometimes things I would never buy or try if not in my CSA share). We also have 3 local health food stores for some of the more abnormal things like Coconut aminos... Cheers DJ
  14. Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    I have two small people (11 and 13). They and my wife do not eat W30. We generally work it out. I do most of the cooking and supplement my W30 meals with Fries, rice or other side dishes for the kids/wife. Sometimes, we make a meal for them and I make something separate. Cheers DJ