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Day 21 - in the home stretch...reintroduction approaching soon


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Today is the end of Day 21.  I can see the home stretch.  My energy is much more even throughout the day and I'm sleeping better and longer.  I don't think I've lost any weight but I know it's likely because I wasn't eating quite enough protein at each meal, and I probably am not drinking enough water.  I ate enough to keep satiated until the next meal.


The past week I've had cravings - for diet soda, for chocolate (watching the Food Network not recommended).  It's amazing.  The cravings only last 3-5 minutes.  And then I'm back to either my hot tea or water.


I'm excited that I have 9 days left.  I am definitely apprehensive about reintroduction and what I should reintroduce first.  I already don't eat dairy because it usually does not agree with me (common in Asian population).


Any suggestions?

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