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This is Day 6 for me, and I keep seeing that if I have trouble I should have been keeping a log of my food, so here goes. I had a tooth extracted today, so am limited to cold and soupy things today and I slept thru the morning so ate less than usual.

Bfast - 2 scrambled eggs, half a red bell pepper

Lunch - carrot/sweet potato soup made w coconut milk, yumyum. 3 pieces of roast beef lunchmeat (w30 compliant)

Snack banana w coconut butter - (early breakfast, late dinner

Dinner: Avocado soup made w avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, chicken stock. Big pile of crabmeat in there for protein.

Aiming for more veggies that are actually green tomorrow! I preboiled and chopped some butternut squash for soup, so need to eat that too.

Worried about going out of town for Girl Scout overnight - planning my food to bring.

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Do I just reply to post again? I guess so... Day 7 Food log

Woke at 4am hungry - a cup of avocado tomato soup w crab. Meh. This soup is not as good as it looks, but I put 3 avocados in it so by golly I'm gonna eat it.

Bfast - Scrambled eggs w spinach and peppers and onions, cooked in olive oil

Lunch- chili lime chicken, apple fried in ghee w cinnamon and a little raisins, tomatoes w oil and vinegar. All good!!!

Snack Asian pear w coconut butter. Heaven. Last Asian pear...better get more!

Dinner paleo pumpkin chili - w ground beef, pumpkin, bell peppers, tomatoes. Not so much to my taste - I didn't eat much and will likely need a snack later. I wonder of coconut aminos will help? It needs some more depth of flavor - some umami.

I think I'm slacking off on my fat-eating and so I am getting hungry sooner than I should. Boo. But my tooth (or rather lack of tooth) is sore and eating anything seems to make it worse, even stuff I don't really need to chew. Wah.

Still on soft foods another day or two. I got carrots so I can make that good carrot/sweet potato/coconut curry soup. I got almond butter, both in a jar and in individual servings to take with me to the Girl Scout overnight at NASA. Think I'll take a trip to Whole Foods for some more coconut butter (need a HUGE jug of that!) and to look for some curry pastes! I can't believe I can't find them at my regular grocery store - I remember seeing them there.


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Day 8

Bfast: Roasted broccoli, roasted sweet potato, hard boiled egg. Need to boil some more! Need to remind dh to get eggs at farmers market tomorrow. And Kale. I miss giving my kale it's pre-munch massage, but the stuff at the grocery store doesn't look so good.

Lunch: Ground turkey w tomato sauce, bleg, roasted broccoli in lots of coconut oil

Snack: OMG LICKED THE PLATE: Chopped banana topped with warmed frozen dark cherries in microwave till juicy and a blob of almond butter. This is the most delicious snack EVER. It felt so unbelievably decadent, I could NOT believe it is good for me. Especially if I have gout, apparently. And yes, no one was home so I liked the plate. Now you know...

Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potato, tomatoes w olive oil and vinegar

I got avocado oil to try - roasted my asparagus in it and put lime zest and juice on it. Yum! Happy happy to discover that the HEB All Natural rotisserie chickens have no sugar or anything weird added to them. ALSO it was lovely to eat the legs WITH the skin on! ♪♪You can leave your skin on ♪♪

Feeling AWESOME today. Peppy and full of juice, except for mid-afternoon when I took a nap instead of having caffeine. But I got right up from it after and wasn't groggy or anything. That's improvment! My belly is shrinking. I want to weigh myself, but honestly, looking at my belly in my shorts and it's hardly a muffintop at all...worth the wait.


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Oohhh maaannn, I made the BEST curry shrimp this eve - put tamarind paste in it. Deeeeelish!

Bfast - 2 scrambled eggs in ghee, tomatoes and avocado w oil and vinegar, raspberries.

At office meeting - few strawberries and blueberries, thanks Caroline, for bringing good snack!!!

Lunch-bleg, rotisserie chicken and blackberries

Dinner--wonderful amazing shrimp curry (coconut milk, curry powder, other spices, and TAMARIND PASTE!!!), roasted carrots and sweet potatoes, Kale w oil and vinegar. Tooth hurts, so I left a lot of the kale - will finish later.

Learned over weekend - protein is key to feeling ok! Larabars are good in emergency tho.

Hankering for squash. I got zucchini at farmers market - need to do something with it tomorrow. Oh, Cassie's zuchini boats! Perfect!

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Maaaannnnn. I want some wine!!!!! Wine is JUST THE THING for a presidential debate. Or the day after.

I wanted a mocha this morning after the room parent meeting at my elementary school - normally after a stressful meeting that's my go-to relaxation treat, but no...got my coffee black. So after all this time, this is my first real cravings. I suspect it's the steroids I'm on for my toothless hole/bone graft. I tried a little unsweetened chocolate powder in my coffee later today...nope, that is not so good.

Had my first restaurant experience today - it was a really nice soup/salad/sandwich place - like Panera but way nicer salads. I got an excellent salad w grilled chicken, super fresh greens, pecans, etc (OMG just crossed my mind that the craisins probably were sweetened...damn!!! Well I only had a few - unintentional, I hope not enough for a do-over. But honestly, if I get an inadvertent do-over I might take advantage and have a glass of wine too. So NOPE, no do-over for me.). I skipped the croutons and cheese and had oil and vinegar for dressing and it was delicious and made no big deal at all to the lady I was lunching with, which was very important to me, as it was my first time to meet her.

For bfast - 2 hard boiled eggs and a granny smith apple sauteed in ghee w cinnamon and apple pie spices and topped w coconut milk.

Dinner - chicken sundried tomato sausage and delicious curry ginger carrot/sweet potato soup w coconut milk and topped with a few crushed pecans. So glad to have leftovers of that for tomorrow!

Psyched to get some cauliflower and my yellow curry paste from Amazon!! My mandoline and julienner will be here tomorrow or Saturday, just in time to julienne some zucchini zoodles from the farmer's market. I am looking forward to some curry somethingorother with zoodles!

Is it possible to be a coconut milk-a-holic? I think I might be one.


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