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Simple pre-prepared travel meal ideas?


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Hi, I am traveling to East Dallas for work for 4 days and this part of town is not the healthiest. No healthy restaurants in the area and the closest decent grocery store (HEB) is at least 20 miles away. Only store in the area is Wall-mart.  I did get a room that is a suite (stocked kitchen) but I need ideas for simple meals to prepare there (I don't want to take my whole pantry and kitchen).

One idea I had was this simple chicken-avocado salad:

chicken breast

hard-boiled eggs




green onions


olive oil




Any other suggestions or ideas are appreciated!

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I really love doing a chicken salad lettuce wrap using the whole30 mayo.  I do a big batch of shredded chicken in the crock pot then I add everything... celery, pickles, onions, spinach, grapes, peppers, salt, pepper and mayo... I sometimes do some nuts in there, chopped up for the crunch.  And I like to use big romaine leaves to roll it up in.  Super good!  And it works with shredded pork too.  

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