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Physical Changes that I can see since Whole 30!!!


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I noticed during my Whole30, how absolutely great my ankles looked…no swelling, my ankles are normally swollen! I ended W30 on Monday and by Wed this week I have eaten more gluten etc, and looked at my ankles and they were swollen.

I thought it was because I have a horrible UTI, and could not pee. I thought it was just fluid.

Well, I went to the doc today, and she looked at my ankles and said that it wasn't from the UTI. I told her I noticed it swelling since I had added in more foods this week. She definitely said I was struggling with inflammation issues—she could feel swelling all up my calves.

Hmmmmmmm…..so now I can see my inflammation on my own. I definitely now KNOW/SEE that I need to be off gluten among other things It was an amazing personal realization..seeing the reactive change in my body!

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