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Sandra's Whole 30 Log

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Oops! I'm actually on Day 7. I've been lurking the forums but never posted.


I'm not entirely sure I'll log every day. I will do my best!!


I'm a teacher. Someone on my team decided to do this strange diet I'd never heard of and I saw how it went with her and decided it was exactly what I needed to get my relationship with food in a healthier place. Yay for word of mouth and all that. She has been extremely supportive of me doing it and we're both talking it up to our school. A few have asked me for more information!



I've variably been between KILL ALL THE THINGS and "This isn't so bad, I'm a damn good cook!" the last week or so. Day 1-2 I had the worst headaches and body aches and definitely was in a sort of withdrawal. It was awful. 3 was fine, 4-6 were pretty breezy despite working on a Saturday!


One thing I have noticed is that I am not super craving anything at this time.  I'll randomly think, "A ____ sounds good" and then, "But I don't REALLY want it." 


Today I have arrived at EAT ALL THE THINGS but it's not the worst. I want to eat all the things that are compliant. I just don't feel satiated! I think my hormones are not in the best place and I am probably a bit dehydrated as today was crazy stressful at work and I didn't drink enough.  So I've been craving something SWEET but that's it and I am ignoring that.


I'm surviving though. Trigger foods have been in the break room like...a lot the past week and I've been fine! It helps having support at work. My boyfriend is "doing it with me" except he doesn't really follow the rules because he keeps grazing. I gave up trying to get him to stop. That has to be his choice. At least he's encouraging me!


Ok...so food:


M1: Eggs with Salsa, yellow bell peppers, and Avocado.


M2: Pork Chop with Kale Salad/Balsamic vinaigrette and cucumber


Snack: Banana and walnuts (I snack because I eat M1 at about 5:30 am, M2 at 10:40 am and never get home before 6 pm for M3. ew. I'm also actively on my feet all day)


M3: Pork Chops, Sweet Potatoes, and Brussel Sprouts with Cashews 


Lots of pork chops today due to lack of planning. Oops!


When I first started I was only doing 1 palm sized portion of protein and I was feeling super hungry so I usually have 1.5-2 servings per meal now. I felt satiated today up until my Snack. It just didn't do it today. I'm really almost 100% certain it is the lack of water though. I know my cues pretty well despite my crap eating before.  I'm attempting to make up for the water problem before bed. 


This has been lengthy. I promise not to write an entire novel EVERY log.




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As I suspected; I am terrible at this. 

It's Day 12 in the morning.  I was supposed to wake up and have left over chicken for M1




My boyfriend forgot to put it in the fridge. So now we have...


nothing. We ran out of eggs 2 days ago and apparently he's been going through our ground turkey like crazy during the week for lunch. I was feeling fine and now I'm quite grumpy.


Plan ahead, folks, and make sure everyone is on board to actually do their part. If your partner isn't ready figure out how to get it done without them because it's going to cause some major headaches.



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