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I apologize for the TMI... I am on day 48 of my Whole30. I am trying to figure out what is causing some itching in the "Backyard". I went to the doctor because I spent some time with Dr. Google (I know!) and he gave me some steroid cream. It was getting better but I cannot figure out what is causing the problem. I am a clean person and following instructions by my doctor. So now I need some advice on possible culprits in my diet.

I discovered that Almond Butter and my tummy were not friends. So I eliminated that approximately two weeks ago. I have been eating some cashews, minimally. My fruits are raspberries, strawberries, bananas and pineapple. I have read up on the FODMAP and I know tree nuts can be a problem.

Has anyone had this issue? It amazes me how once all this stuff is eliminated from your system, your body lets you know ASAP when something is not OKAY! Thank you!

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Hey, Ashley,


It's a few days since you posted, but I wanted to say that I had this same problem, and it took eliminating any foods with fungus, fermentation, vinegar, etc. Things like mushrooms, pickles, vinegar were causing the itching. Once it cleared up, I'm more aware of how these foods can affect me and eat them sparingly. 

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