Include PWO snack in breakfast template?


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Question about the pre-workout snack:  I workout for 30 minutes at 6:30 am, as soon as I wake up.  I normally don't eat before this but in following the guidelines, I'm going to start having a hard-boiled egg before I workout (is it important to have a little mayo with this or is just the egg ok?).  I'll have breakfast at 7:30, right after my shower. Normally I eat 3 eggs for breakfast (along with veggies and guacamole) - should I instead eat 2 eggs because I already had one before my workout?  Aiming for weight loss, if that matters.  Thanks!

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Just the egg is fine, if you want a little more than that, you could add mayo or some other fat, but if just the egg works for you, just have the egg.


Don't forget a post-WO of a few bites of lean protein and optionally, some starchy vegetable. Here's an article with more on post-WO meals.


Pre- and Post-WO are bonus meals in addition to your other meals, no need to make breakfast smaller to account for them.

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