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total newbie to Whole30, excited!


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Ciaoo everybody, I'm very new to Whole30, started today!  Excited!  Anyone else just started?

My focus is to reset my body and focus on the removal of dairy and sugar at the same time support my body!

Happy to share this experience with you all :)

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hihi, I'm on Day 4 and just wondering if anyone have good suggestions for quick and easy meals?  Also for on the go?  Are smoothies allowed with avocado, flaxseeds, water/cashew milk and some kind of berries?  I recall seeing somewhere it said smoothies were a not allowed, but can't find it.


I have a fairly active life-style and also teach yoga so really need to prepared at all times to avoid just grabbing nuts and fruit - when I think I saw these also are best avoided?


-typically I eat eggs (either poached, boiled or omelette style), avocado and some kind of vegetable in the morning.

-lunch - chicken or fish with veges

-dinner - slow cooked fish or some kind of meat with veges.


I make sure I get a lot of good fats in my diet with the extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.





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Smoothies are not recommended. It's discussed in the Can I Have list, which is linked in my signature below.

If you google whole30 on the go, you'll probably find past discussions, but things like meatballs, burger patties, egg muffins or frittatas, tuna or salmon or other fish in cans or pouches, vegetables like cut up carrots, celery, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, leftover roasted vegetables, for fats olives, avocados, containers of guacamole or mayo. A lot depends on if you have access to a cooler or refrigerator to keep stuff in.

Definitely keep the fruits and nuts limited and have them with meals, not on their own, because it can be easy to overeat them.

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