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First Day Post-Whole30


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So my Whole30 officially ended yesterday (Sept 1-30). I was excited to be done, but mostly b/c it felt like I had really accomplished something, not because I wanted to eat crazy off-plan foods or anything. I did prepare my usual compliant meals for the week and have no plans to go back to my old eating habits. As the book suggests, I am adding in dairy this week to see how it affects me-- this morning I had a 2% Greek yogurt with my breakfast. No problems so far, and I wasn't hungry until lunch time.

I lost 12 lbs during the 30 days and I can definitely see a change in my body composition. But more importantly, I feel stronger and faster, I don't get nearly as sore from tough WODs, and I recover quicker. Most surprising to me was that my moods really seem to have leveled out. Not that it was a rollercoaster before, but I just feel more relaxed and better able to cope with things that normally would have bothered me. I also notice that my very mild acne has improved.

As of right now, I don't have any desire to eat sweets or drink diet Coke (my two biggest fears). I did have a CocoRoon today with my lunch (gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, etc. macaroons from Whole Foods) and those are sweetened with maple syrup. It wasn't as wonderful as I imagined it would be, in fact I found the sweetness a little off-putting, so I know I don't need to have those around my house again. The Whole30 has definitely made me more sensitive to the flavors of previously-boring foods now that I am not constantly overstimulating my tastebuds and my brain.

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend (it is actually a 3-day long affair), so that will be a good test for me. I plan to bring plenty of my own food, so I have good options for every meal. When all else fails, I can always turn eggs into a meal.

I really feel that the Whole30 has change my life significantly. I actually feel badly for people who eat all of that those foods that are making them less healthy as part of their daily diets. I think that everyone who commits to the program can see a radical change in how they look and feel and experience a major transformation in their relationship with food.

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