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Quick on the go snacks

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I've been eating this way for well over a year and I don't think I've ever had a 'snack' - I've certainly never had a larabar, and rarely use nuts other than within a recipe.

Really you should be building your meals so that you can last 4-5hrs between them - and if needs be you could last an extra hour or so until such times as you can get to proper food without having to resort to snacking. If this isn't the case then you need to eat more.


Snacking in between meals will also prevent you from reaching fat adaptation as your body will use the constant supply of energy you are providing. If you really must snack out of genuine hunger rather than boredom/habit try to make it a mini meal of at least two of the three foods groups - so protein & fat (preferable), protein & veg, or veg & fat. Then increase the size of your meals going forward.

If you're looking for actual emergency foods then I keep tins of fish (mackerel/sardines/tuna) & pouches of olives in my desk at work, and also in the glove compartment of my car.

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