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Natalie's Whole30


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Just about to start day 1 and I'm so excited!

I'm sipping my green tea and can't really think about food yet.

I've been visiting the scales daily for almost 3 months now and it's going to be weird not knowing my weight for the rest of the month. But... that's it, I'm putting the scales away!

Weight: 66.4 Kg (146.4 lb)

I've had a lacto-paleo diet for the last month and I think avoiding dairy and honey is going to be hard for me. Oh, and not making paleo-lized treats!

A few goals:

1. I will eat real food in every meal and only when I'm hungry.

2. I will do Pilates or Yoga at least once a week for the rest of the month.

3. I will sleep at least 8 hours every night.

4. I will log every meal I have for the rest of the month.

I think I'm ready to start. =)

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(still) DAY 1

Today went by so fast! =)

I made really simple meals since I didn't have much time to cook but It didn't feel like I was missing anything. I also had some tea in the morning. I don't think I'll have much coffee this month but that's o.k.

I also realized I can't have chewing gum. Didn't think about it until now.


Meal 1- Omelette from 2 eggs, chopped salad and homemade tahini.

Meal 2- (leftover) Almond 'breaded' chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower.

Meal 3- Hard boiled egg, tuna salad with olive oil and olives and chopped salad.

Snack- 3 almonds and 2 walnuts.


I'm actually having a terrible headache right now. NOT FUN at all!

I know I can sleep enough tonight.Hopefully it will help me to get rid of this headache.

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(still) DAY 2

I was at home most of the day so I had a late breakfast (or was it an early lunch?) and wasn't really hungry until much later. l also met a friend and had a fresh juice after making sure (really making sure) there was nothing there I couldn't have. I also cooked some meatballs and had my first sweet potato in the last couple of months (I had a low carb diet).


Meal 1- hard boiled egg, sweet potato hash (from half a sweet potato), chopped salad.

Carrot, apple and ginger fresh juice (No sugar, of course).

Meal 2- meatballs, sweet potato hash (from the remaining half), chopped salad, olives and homemade tahini.


I had tons of energy and no headaches!

I think I'll try not to have any nuts until at least day 7. Only because I can! I noticed I didn't need them in the last couple of day so it shouldn't be too hard.

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I had Yoga class this morning. It was great! I even walked to the gym (30 minutes). Such a nice way to start the day. I didn't really have time to eat before the class but I didn't feel like my body missed anything.


pre-yoga- tea

post-yoga- a hard boiled egg.

Meal 1- meatballs, green beans and mushrooms, a salad and homemade tahini.

2 pieces of dried pineapple (no added sugar).

Meal 2- 1 egg omelet, sweet potato hash, a red bell pepper and homemade tahini.


about 8 hours. Not too bad. =)


Felt great. especially after the Yoga class.

No headaches =)

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Today was my first real challenge- Friday night dinner at our friends' house.

I came there not too hungry and left really proud of myself! didn't eat any salad with dressing I wasn't supposed to eat, didn't have the rice with the curry and didn't touch any of the desserts. It felt great just saying 'No, thank you.' and moving on. =)


8 hours. Actually woke up 15 minutes before the time I set my alarm clock to. =)


Meal 1- 2 eggs omelet, a green salad, olives.

Meal 2- (my first ever!) cauliflower rice (actually more like a risotto), meatballs, green beans and mushrooms and homemade tahini.

Snack- a piece of dried unsweetened pineapple.

Meal 3- Waldorf salad, beef curry. Green tea.


Feeling great! I thought it would be bad after the headache I had the first night but I'm actually doing just fine.

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8.5 hours =)


herbal tea

Meal 1- 2 eggs omelet, 2 cucumbers, homemade tahini, olives.

Meal 2- cauliflower rice, green beans, tuna salad (with olive oil and olives)

snack- a handful of dried fruit (mango, apple and pineapple) and fresh apple juice. Carrot.

Meal 3- cauliflower rice and green beans.

I had a few hours today that I was out of town with my friend, who's vegan. You can just imagine how hard it was for the two us to find somewhere to eat. In the end she had falafel and I had some dried fruit, a carrot and apple juice. Not the worst thing I could have but certainly not the best option.


Felt great all day!

I hope things stay this way for the rest of the month...

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(morning of) DAY 6

I had 7.5 hours of sleep and woke up right when I needed to (love it when it happens!) and then decided not to go to work and just finish it on Tuesday. (It is almost the end of the holiday season here in Israel and after finishing the weekend, which is only Fri-Sat here, today is like another Friday due to the holiday)

I work for a TV channel, writing subtitles to REALLY old talk-shows and other programs which are only aired in the middle of the night. It's kind of nice, actually. So I can really postpone the work I was supposed to do because there's at least a week until it needs to be ready and I have Tuesday all clear for me to work on it. It's my husbands last day of his long vacation and I really just wanted to get some quality time with him before getting back to normal day to day life. So I'm taking the day off! =)

Today I think I'll cook something with ground turkey, veggies, maybe some more cauliflower rice and we'll see what else when I get to the market. Maybe I'll find some spaghetti squash and cook one for the first one! I really didn't cook much until going paleo and I really like it. I really hope I'll have enough time to cook when I'm back to nursing school (Here, the school-year in university doesn't start until a week after the holidays, which is about a week from today). After the Whole 30 I'll probably make some snacks to take there, like crackers, in addition to veggies and lunch.

I'm kind of new to the paleo world and didn't get to make too many paleo treats yet, but my husband is already asking me to make a yummy bread I made 3 weeks ago. It will all have to wait until November, though.

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(still) DAY 6


Meal 1- tuna salad with olive oil and olives, cauliflower rice and green beans.

Snack- 100% pineapple juice.

Meal 2- 'browned' ground turkey, cauliflower rice and green beans.

Snack- 2 pears.

Meal 3- 'browned' ground turkey, green beans and homemade tahini.

Today was my first attempt of making a paleo mayo. I went by the recipe in theclothesmakethegirl. the consistency was good but my olive oil was still too strong for the recipe and it smells and tastes like it. I'll try it with avocado oil next time, and with half the amount.

Tomorrow I'll do some cooking for the rest of the week. I'm still getting used to making all of my food all the time. I really need to get better at cooking a lot on the weekends, so it'll be easy when I'm back to school.


Still feeling great!

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(morning of) DAY 7

I just woke up after 9 hours of sleep. =) I'm getting sick of this holiday season but I do get a lot of sleep thanks to it. Speaking of sleep, I had a dream last night about eating some sugary dried fruit and having to start over my Whole30.

It didn't feel too real because there were so many unreal messed up stuff in the dream, but it felt bad at the time!

Right now I'm actually having my first cup of coffee since before day 1, because I just found coconut milk that seems compliant. It has organic coconut and only one preservative, which isn't sulfites or MSG... so I took the chance.

The coffee is so good with coconut milk! I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I really do! =)


I just double checked that other ingridient in the coconut milk (e421) and it's Mannitol, some sort of sugar! Darn it! I guess that dream was supposed to warn me, or the fact that it tasted really good. I had only a few sips and I'm not sure if I need to start over. Especially because I wouldn't have done it if I'd known.

What should I do? I really want to just forget about it and finish my Whole30 on Oct 31st, as planned.

another Update:

I was kinda freaked about the coconut milk incident and asked about it in another post in the forum.


And Tom said I didn't have to start over. Yay! But I learned my lesson about checking everything!

After I noticed the coconut milk had Mannitol in it, I stopped drinking my coffee and got rid of the rest of the coconut milk. I searched the web for compliant coconut milk in Israel and I found an Israeli primal blog that helpped a lot with finding a brand that contains only coconut and water :) There's still hope!

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(still) DAY 7


Coffee with coconut milk (that wasn't compliant, so no coffee for me until I find a good one).

Meal 1- ground turkey (my husband said it looks like popcorn), sweet potato hash and homemade tahini.

snack- a banana and a few almonds and walnuts (for the first time since day 1).

Herbal tea.

Meal 2- a hard boiled egg and a green salad.


I felt pretty bad about drinking non compliant coconut milk, but after a reassurance I didn't need to start over I feel good again. Wasn't too hungry so had only 2 meals today.

I saw a few people putting these questions on day 7 and decided to do the same thing:

I find myself craving sugar, bread, or sweets when... I don't! =)

Sometimes, I think I'm hungry but I'm actually just... bored.

When I'm craving sugar, I used to eat... cookies.

During my whole30, I'm going to reach for... REAL FOOD!

When I eat sweet food like fruit, I notice... that I don't need so much of it, it feels really sweet.

When I eat salty foods like nuts or olives, I notice... I want more. (I'm trying to learn self control and avoided them during the Whole30 until today)

I thought I'd miss eating/drinking... milk in my coffee and honey... But I actually don't miss them at all.

I didn't think I'd like eating ... ... But I'm actually enjoying it/them. (actually, there's nothing I thought I wouldn't like).

I have the hardest time sticking to the Whole 30 when I'm feeling ... sad, upset or bored.

I have the hardest time sticking to the Whole 30 when I'm in ... a long ... social situation or setting.

When I eat a good breakfast, I feel ... full of energy.

When I prepare a healthy meal from scratch, I feel ... accomplished.

Since I started my Whole 30, I've noticed:

-- That my exercise or sports performance... didn't do much exercise yet.

-- That my sleep... has improved.

-- That my energy levels.. are much higher.

-- That my emotions... are more stable and more good than bad.

-- That my recovery after exercise... didn't do much exercise yet.

-- That my body feels... lighter.

-- That my clothes fit... the same, for now.

-- That my condition (skin issues, allergies, digestive distress, etc.). skin is a bit better, digestion is a bit better. I'm still hoping to feel better when it comes to my allergies (I have Asthma and avoiding dairy should help with that).

Tomorrow I'm back to work and going to the gym afterwards. I really need to prepare all my food for the day before I leave the house tomorrow morning and everything will be perfect.

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SLEEP 9 hours.

woke up just in time to make breakfast and eat it before going to work. I packed lunch and a pre workout snack and was ready to go. I had spinning class in the end of the day and it was my first time in a long time. I used my new heart rate monitor with my iphone to make sure I was really working hard. I was! =) And it was fun, too.


Meal 1- 1 egg omelet, cucumber, red bell pepper, tea.

Meal 2- ground turkey 'popcorn', sweet potato hash and homemade tahini.

Herbal tea.

pre workout- a banana and some walnuts.

Meal 3 (post workout)- a hard boiled egg, tuna salad with homemade mayo, red bell pepper, some olives, some walnuts and homemade tahini.

I made my first mayo 2 days ago and it still tastes a lot like olive oil because of the kind I used. I thought maybe using it in a tuna salad would still be okay, and I was right! So happy I didn't throw it away. (though next time I'll use avocado oil for the mayo recipe).


great after working out and getting back to work.

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The days are going by faster, now that the holiday season is over. I like it.


Herbal tea

Meal 1- a hard boiled egg, sweet potato hash, green beans, olives.

Frozen banana 'ice cream' from one banana (made from just a banana). I know it feels like a treat but it's only a banana and my husband ate half of it.

Meal 2- tuna salad with my homemade mayo and olives, a big green salad and some carrot strips with tahini.

A fruit shake- fresh orange juice, berries, starwberries and peach. (I was out with a friend and it was having that or tea...)

I really need to get used to buying and making more food, especially veggies and eggs.

Today I called a supplyer of a compliant coconut milk (coconut and water only) about where I can get it in my area and they should let my know by tomorrow. I really want to buy some and have coffee already!

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DAY 10! Yay! :)

I am so happy! I finally found a copliant coconut milk (coconut and water only). I can have coffee again :)

I didn't get much sleep last night and had just enough time to make and eat an omelet this morning before leaving the house. Took some veggies for snacks (which I didn't eat in the end) and called it breakfast. Still, better than not eating at all. I had a meeting in a coffee place so I ordered unsweetened ice tea.

After getting back home I had some tuna salad with mayo and a huge green salad with avocado and walnuts. I'm so full!

For dinner I'll probably make almond 'breaded' chicken breasts in the oven, sweet potato soup with coconut milk and some veggies. :)

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(Still) DAY 10

I just got a call saying they need me to work as a medic in a trip and I need to stay overnight. I really freaked about packing dinner, breakfast, lunch and snacks for those 26 hours outdoors that I found myself eating dried fruit just due to nerves =/ First time doing that since I started my Whole30.

I made some hard boiled eggs for me to take with me tomorrow. I'll also take a few cut carrots and red bell peppers, 2 avocados, a can of tuna, dried and fresh fruit and some nuts. I hope I don't get too hungry... I'll make sure to have a big lunch before going.

I also made sweet potato soup with some coconut milk. I put WAY too much water and coconut milk, so I ended up roasting more sweet potatoes to fix it. Now it's much better. I also made some baked, almond and walnut crusted chicken breasts and that turned out great!

So for dinner I had 2 pieces of chicken breasts, green beans and sweet potato hash leftovers.

And... I finally had some (compliant) coconut milk in my coffee and it was good. I'll need to get used to it, though.

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I'm back home after 2 quite annoying days outdoors as a medic with the (boys and girls) scouts. It was okay food-wise. I took tuna cans (didn't eat any), 2 avocados, 2 bananas, a million carrots and probably too much dried fruit and nuts (ate them all). They also brought tahini so I had something to dip my carrots in.

Day 11 and day 12 were mostly outdoors, I (kinda) slept in a sleeping bag and got bit by mosquitoes all night! My lower lip is 3 times its usual size, my neck has about 30 bites on it, I have one under my eye that looks almost like someone gave me a black eye and I can hardly move my thumbs because of the bites on them.

And that's not all of it, my allergies started since 2 nights ago and they don't stop.

But the day we were (supposed to be) hiking was fine. I had my huge medic bag on my back and it was a nice slow paced walk 5K. Only it took us 6 hours because they stopped and played and ate after about 500 meter of walking.

After getting home last night I was so tired from not really sleeping the previous night and couldn't even get myself to write this post. I ate some of my sweet potato soup and almond and walnut crusted chicken with green beans I and went to bed at 21:00. Which gave me 11 hours of sleep last night!

I'm so proud of myself for still eating good food out there. There was so much bread, pasta, peanut butter, chocolate and snacks there. If it wasn't the whole 30 I would have made compliant snacks like crackers and 'bread' or maybe even energy bars to have with me.

Next big challenge: a wedding next Sunday. No wine. And most food is probably not compliant. But I'm sure it'll be fine.

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Woke up this morning feeling fine but as the hours went by (and the less I moved) my muscles started aching, a lot! But still, I had sceduled Yoga for tonight and wasn't going to cancel.


Coffee with 1 tbsp of coconut milk

Meal 1- 2 eggs omelet, a green salad and tahini

Meal 2- sweet potato soup

Pre work out- a banana

Meal 3- a hard boiled egg, a green salad with avocado

Did Yoga in the end of the day, but it wasn't as great as it could have been.

Hope I don't wake up tomorrow with my muscles feeling worse.

Tomorrow is a long day outside the house with a goodbye (dairy) dinner at my workplace. I will probably not be able to eat anything there.


Feeling good. Still want my (mostly in the morning) allergies to go away!

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