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Day 28 - Feeling Discouraged with Allergies and Migraines


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It's day 28 and I'm feeling discouraged. I started the program because over the last year I've developed allergies to chromium, carba mix and gold and despite trying to eliminate contact with these things (which is tough because chromium is in everything) I am still experiencing eyelid swelling, dry eye and itchy patches of skin/hives. I've had extensive testing for everything under the sun with no answers over the last year. I've also struggled with migraines for about 20 years during which I've taken a lot of ibuprofen, maxalt and for the last year, Inderal. With these meds, I'd reduced my migraines to 1-2 a month.


I thought the program might help reset my system and make my immune system less reactive and my hormones more balanced. I had the typical experience days 1-12 and then started to experience some tiger blood now and then. My skin was clearer and my eyes seemed every so slightly less swollen. I'd lost a little weight. I was so excited. Then, day 16 and I tanked.  I've had migraines almost every day and my eyes and face are swollen, itchy rashes, acne, etc. A few things happened around that same time:


*I had my period. I usually get a migraine during this time if I'm not on Inderal. But I was and I had a migraine every day. I read the forum and upped my starchy veggies and protein. I'd say it helped a little with the migraines. My period was also late by about 5 days, so maybe my hormones were out of whack responding to the program?


*I was drinking Kombucha and La Croix about once a day each, which I did not do before Whole30. I eliminated these to see if it would help and it reduced my migraine frequency and intensity. Strange. Anyone else have this experience?


*I was trying to slowly cut out coffee. I mean sloooooowwwwwllllly. Like by a teaspoon every few days. I was at about 3 teaspoons by day 16. When the migraines started happening I started drinking coffee again to eliminate that as a possible cause because I was miserable. I plan to try again after the Whole30. I drank a cup of coffee every day before the Whole30 and with Inderal, never had a problem.


With the three things above, I've reduced the migraine frequency and intensity, but not entirely. And, all of the allergic reaction symptoms are the same: eyelids swollen, face swollen, itchy patches of skin, etc. I can't for the life of me figure out what is causing it. And again, I was hoping that the diet overall would make me less reactive.


I've read a lot about leaky gut considering my past with migraine meds and have started drinking bone broth once a day. Any ideas on how long it takes to see results with this? Did anyone who also used Inderal or migraine meds also develop allergies?


I'm thinking after reintroduction I might do some of the other elimination diets. I just read about a low chromium one, FODMAPS, etc. And, I may try to do a Whole60 if those don't work.


Is it possible that with all of the extra veggies and meats that my chromium levels are too high? Anyone else allergic to chromium have this experience?


Has anyone else had a similar experience and did you find any answers? I know that I may need to try for a longer program and that it doesn't work for everyone, but it was just so disheartening that I was starting to feel results and then my period came and everything tanked. It seems like after my period I would have recovered, but I didn't. Why? And why the allergic reaction that won't go away?


Any insight is welcome. Thanks!



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Migraines are shitty miserable things, I know. But I am migraine free now, thank fully! I suggest reading Josh Turknett's book the Migraine Miracle - his dietary suggestions are, i think, compatible with Whole30 - to be honest now I don't get them I don't think about it too much, but it's all based on a paleo/ancestral framework and it worked for me, though it did take a little time.

And he is currently researching whether staying in Ketosis all the time eliminates them entirely - as well as being a former sufferer he's also a neurosurgeon who specialises in migraines.

Good luck, I really hope you get some relief soon.

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