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This is my first Whole30. 


I feel better, stronger, tougher and I believe that I can achieve anything.

Through this month I became more active, felt more energy (even though I think I still say: "Im tired" too often) and even loved my wife and daughters more.


I got on the scale today to find that I lost 12 pounds. I'm super happy with that. I gained the same amount during two and half month and was about to "lose it" again to my bad habits. My history with weight is long and with great highs and lows (from 276lb to 180 lb at least 5 times in 20 years and with many "small" 20/30/40lb weight losses). My current point 220lb Is not thin, but it is becoming. I can slip to 250-270LB in not time.


I'm happy that a conversation with a friend a year ago got me to check "what is that Whole30 is all about?". I will send her the link to this Topic. I'm sure she will happy and proud (thanks Amy). 


For now I'm continuing with the program. First because my diet was already very similar (no diary, no MSG, nothing processed) and the main change (no gluten) is a change I'm keeping for now. Second because I feel that for a life long bad habits I need a longer correction and Third because I didn't read the reintroducing chapter yet... :)


Thank you very much. I'm sure many of my friends/family will follow. If you have good income stream from Israel that is probably me selling the program to someone (I can work on  commissions :D). 







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Congratulations! Today is day 30 for me as well. I haven't weighed myself yet, but have seen so many benefits already. My skin is brighter, I have more energy, my clothes are fitting better (others are getting too big), I don't feel bloated after I eat, and most importantly my eczema has cleared up. I'll be weighing in and doing before and after pics tomorrow. 


There are certain foods that I have missed, so I will be starting the re-introduction process tomorrow. When i'm finished with re-introduction my plan is to keep my meals as compliant as possible, but have a snack when I feel like it ( I have a deep love for popcorn and ice cream). :)


Keep up the good work!

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