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All I want is sugar and no appetite

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Has anyone felt like this when on their menstrual cycle? I'm on Day 14 of W30 and on Day 2 of period. For the first time ever since on W30 I'm craving sugar. But I have no appetite for meals. I had to force myself yesterday to eat (I did unfortunately snack on fruit: apple and an orange) and Greek salad from panera no cheese with my own dressing I brought with for dinner, that actually hit the spot. strange thing was the meals I made the day before, I had leftovers they were delish then but when I ate next day I threw up after one bite. I thought maybe i just need something "fresh" so I cooked myself fried eggs (which is my favorite thing) with side of half an avocado nope wound up gagging. I don't know if maybe it was because my body had no appetite that I couldn't hold down food. So my breakfast and lunch was just one larabar. I know not wise and not a meal but I just had no appetite until dinner I thought better this then nothing at all.

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Hey there... sorry to hear you're not feeling well.


The media has made a mockery of women craving sugar/chocolate during their periods but it's due to actual biological need... sorry, I don't mean you biologically need chocolate and sugar, but your body wants carbs (sweet potato, potato, beets, squash) and if you're craving chocolate it's often because your body wants magnesium.  So honor what it's asking you for.


As far as not having an appetite, you're kind of at the stage of the game where that can happen.  The problem with not eating anything but fruit and larabars (not compliant for meal replacement, only for emergencies) is that it perpetuates the lack of appetite.


Our suggestion is to make a template meal of food you think you could stomach (that is template and compliant), eat from it as much as you can, wrap it up and then eat from it again AS SOON AS you are able... don't wait to be hungry, that won't help... 

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