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Starting May 21, 2016


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Hello. I am starting on Saturday, May 21. I had never heard of Whole30 until I found a sweet potato recipe online that had a note saying that it was acceptable for Whole30. So I had to check it out. Looks like a very good plan, very healthy. 


I am dealing with some issues that came about from the medications used for my breast cancer treatment. Some digestive and weight issues , also ptsd.  I think this program will be helpful.


Actually, I began last Saturday, 14 May, but we have a fancy-schmancy dinner event this Friday, for which I am registered as vegetarian due to the main entree being a meat dish that I do not like.  Rather than make a big deal of my new dietary requirements, I have decided to regard this first week as a "trial run". Then there will be that one meal on Friday, at which I shall not pig out on bread and desserts, but not worry about the little that I do eat, either.  Just have a pleasant time and move on.  No guilt. Thus, I consider my true start date as this coming Saturday.


This week of the "trial run" is going well.  Sunday I had a very bad headache and felt extremely tired all day, probably due to some interior adjustment, so I took it easy.  Since then I have had some flu-like headaches off and on, but a little coffee helps.


I look forward to meeting some nice companions here on this journey to better health.

:)  moo


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